Q about Victory Fight wear?

Just had a stupid question, I was surfing their site, and have always thought they had a cool logo, but couldn't find any actual merchandise - ?! Does anyone know if they actually sell items (I was assuming so because they are called Victory Fightwear, and they have a shopping cart button ). Whats the deal?


one final ttt

They sell t-shirts,fight shorts and things of that nature.I have about 12 of their shirts in my collection.Plus I have a pair of shorts that Victory Jay gave me from about 4 or 5 years ago that are still in great shape,especially considerring I wear them 4 days a week

cool - do you have any idea how things are set up on their site? Maybe I'm just doing something right, but I couldn't see anything for sale on their site...

Ive bought about 5-6 tee's from Jay and a Hoody years ago,still wear them around,great quality shirts.

TTT for Victory!

try emailing Jay directly or hope he sees this thread

Jay is a great guy and definetly good for the sport

You Fuck With the Bull You Get the Horns ttt for Victory J.