Q: For Marcus students?

If this question offends anyone then I'm sorry that you are overly sensitive.

Q: Does Marcus Soares charge for stripes or belts?

Someone has told me yes, another has told me no.
It's no big deal to me one way or the other but I hate it when I get conflicting information and I figured that I would ask forum members who train under him for the answer.

A yes or no answer would be fine with me.

Never mind, I have my answer. It's NO.


I heard from one of his purple belts that he does charge for strips, not sure about belts? Didnt ask.

Thanks Vulcan21.

Okay, now I'm confused.

goes over spelling before inf0 corrects me ;)

See it now inf0? ;)

ilk, who are you? Answer that and I'll answer your question.

Orbit: Just someone trying to ask a simple question, you can keep your answer.


Holy defensive people Batman!

FYI inf0 I was being funny (it was funny that you saw strip). I'll go edit my post and put this ;) in so you get the message.

goes off to edit post... :)

if you were someone trying to ask a simple question with no hidden agenda you would have no problem telling me and everyone who's interested who you are.
You obviously train, did you have to pay for a belt? Is that why you're curious?

Please read my opening sentence.

I can assure you that there is no "hidden agenda" and I'm only curious because someone says yes and others say no. If my question offends you then I'm sorry.

Forgive me for going right to the source (his students) to get an answer.

No worries inf0. ;)

Phil999: I guess it could matter to a person making up their mind on a club but to answer your question.

It doesn't matter to me and has no effect on my life, I'm just curious that's all.

I'm just a guy asking who you are, sorry if that offends you. I have no hidden agenda, some think you're a troll and other think you're not. It doesn't matter to me and has no effect on my life, I'm just curious that's all.

Orbit: Since you really NEED a reason for the horrific question I've asked, then maybe this will help you deal with your trauma.

The reason why I'm asking this question is that someone told me that Marcus charged (X amount) for promotions and I called BS and we put a $5 bet on it. I've heard NO and YES answers and the bet is not settled. (Vulcan's fault ;) ).

Regardless of my opinions on charging for promotions (tons of BBs do)...If he doesn't charge then great and if he does then great also, it doesn't matter.

I know this may be hard for you to grasp, but I don't have a hidden agenda and I'm not going to bash his success, his schools, or anything else because there is no need to. So sorry I can't give you what you want.

It's not Unsolved Mysteries. It's a bet and I'm curious, that's it, got it?

i don't know about stripes but he does have a promotion fee for belts.

Your obviously lying ilk, tell me the real reason. If your not lying, you will tell me. You dirty liar.

Don't know why no one is answering. Years back I used to train with Marcus, I still would if I lived in the area, so much skill and a very good teacher. First time I got promoted it was 3 stripes, cost me $30. Second time I got promoted, one stripe, another $30. I never attained a belt with him so I don't know about that. This was 99-2000 so I don't know if he still does.


Ilk: "I don't know but a belt test is one thing, but charging for stipes seems like a $$ grab tactic to me. I'd never pay for those (I'd feel dirty)."

"Personally feeling it would take away from my promotion and make me feel like a sucker. To each his own but I wouldn't stay. Can you imagine how much cash he'd be rolling in if he charged $30-$35 bucks a stripe like some schools do? CHAAACHING!"

Ilk, These are your own words from your belt test tread, so why are you asking again? I have been at Marcus's apartment and I can tell you that he lives very modest. He is not driving a Hummer either, just a older Honda CRV. So, just leave it alone.

Thank you Vulcan, inf0, and mike, I have my answer.

Regardless of my opinions of the subject, inf0 is right, people have to make a living and if other people don't like it they aren't forced to stick around.

Thats it, thanks.

respect: Now, if I start another thread to bash etc... then I would be inclined to believe you. Nice try though.

Don posted: "Ilk, These are your own words from your belt test tread, so why are you asking again"?

Yes, these are my words from the other thread and they remain so. Like I stated previously: "regardless of my opinions of the subject".

The $5 bet is the very reason that I started the thread you quote from, but I never got my answer regarding whether or not Marcus charged for promotions (which was all I wanted to know).

Don posted: "I have been at Marcus's apartment and I can tell you that he lives very modest. He is not driving a Hummer either, just a older Honda CRV."

I don't care where Marcus lives or what he drives, I only cared about finding the answer to our bet, so no need to get defensive about it.

Don posted: "So, just leave it alone"

I have my answer now and if you train with him then you could have ended this thread a long time ago by just saying yes or no.

The bet is over and I will leave it alone now,
Merry Christmas all.

ilk: what a coincidence? I have a 10$ bet with friends that i know who you are. Now I bet that you were just a normal guy named Dick, asking curious questions. My friends think you're a douche bag (many possible names for you tossed around) who's trying to start shit in a passive aggressive way. One of my friends even thinks you may be a Peter Pan impersonater looking to by a green sash (marcus doesn't sell those, sorry if that's the case)

So see mystery man, i'm just curious as to who you are so i can win a bet.

it's not that you "can't" give your name, you just wont.

I think it's because you have a horrible name,
I bet you 50 bucks your name is Dick Milker and that's why you're keeping it hush hush. Don't worry Mr. Milker, I got it now, no harm done.

You win orbit, Merry Christmas.