Q for SBG guys

Since you guys do well in NHB and are well versed in BJJ, have a question re gi and no gi training. For you guys who fight, how often do you train Gi or no Gi? Whats your stand re Gi vs no gi. I myself love the gi game very much but that led to my downfall when I competed in an NHB tourney in the philippines. Carlson Jr told me that I did too much sport BJJ.

Thanks and more power to you guys.



Do both.

That is my best and only suggestion.

There where several BJJ guys at the last Abhu Dhabi that are known for gi, but took the gi off and won anyway. Also the gi game is great for self defense as well.

So a solid game either way will translate to the other at some point.

Enjoy both.

-Matt Thornton

So you guys do like 50% gi and 50% no gi during training?

I'm in Pasadena now attending culinary school. Training with Roger Machado. He's cool and the gym atmosphere is very nice. I love it.

Pls tell me if you SBG guys plan to hold a seminar in Southern Cali. I will most definitely go if it doesn't conflict with my schedule.




We would all agree that at some point prior to your fight or match you would have to train exclusively within the parameters of the venue but what you might get from each of us differently on an individual basis is when exactly to you cut out all training not specific to the sport you are competing within.

For NHB you would definetly be putting in more no-gi time at the exclusion of the gi entirely and more importantly training much more with strikes as that too changes the issue of space and pressure. Gi is the most "technical" do to its slower speed and tighter space correct? Well then it follows that where no-gi brings in more speed and power factors, striking takes that even a notch further creating many more options for movement through even more pressure and space variables.

I hope Adam and or Rory post soon as they have been the most active and really have time lines and training specific periods down pat.

From my end, anyone entering an exclusively striking venue from our gym cuts out rolling entirely 3 months prior and visa versa. Again for NHB, I would personally check with Adam to make sure I was on schedule with my own coaching.




Here you go. Contact Jerry Wetzel. Jerr's is a great place to train anytime. I'd suggest getting in contact with him anytime you are in the area.

"May 1st & 2nd SBGi founder and BJJ BlackBelt Matt Thornton Aliveness Seminar In Bellflower CA Contact SBGi Instructor: Jerry Wetzel at Breakunose1@aol.com"

-Matt Thornton

"Again for NHB, I would personally check with Adam to make sure I was on schedule with my own coaching."

I don't think you could have a better combination for a MMA fighter then Adam Singer as your trainer, and Luis as your corner man.

No doubt in my mind.


Thanks guys! Damn! Was in BNorwalk for a couple of weeks and didn't know you guys have a gym there. I'm in Pasadena right now. Training with Roger Machado. Good school but its pure BJJ. Thanks


Wattaguy, I'm not trying to hijack your thread, but I have a question as well that is sort of relevant. In a lot of NHB/MMA schools most of the curriculum is BJJ, boxing or muay Thai heavy. In other words, they only train MMA one or two times a week and the rest of the time they are training BJJ or muay Thai alone. Is this normal? Shouldn't you train MMA more often if competing, or is a typical MMA class just to 'put together' the stuff you have learned?

Toby, Roger is a SUPER cool guy. That's a great place to train. And anytime you are in the area you can stop in and visit Jerry.

-Matt Thornton

"Shouldn't you train MMA more often if competing, or is a typical MMA class just to 'put together' the stuff you have learned?"

100% correct. It can present problems when you dont.

BJJ takes a lot of time to learn, even just becoming familiar with the positions can be a process for new people. So we have a seperate BJJ class at my Gym for that reason. Also, I just love BJJ.

But for self defense or MMA I strongly suggest training all of it together, instead of as a seperate parts. And that is what the SBG classes are. So we have BJJ, and we have the SBG class.

The SBG class is always a mix of stand up, clinch, and ground.

Some Gyms will also hav seperate kickboxing, LE, or weapons classes. And that is totaly up to them. But all SBGi's have the SBG101 class. . .which is all ranges together.

I'm off to the movies enjoy the Sunday!
-Matt Thornton

Sir Matt,

I'll try to see if i can make it on May. It might be hell week for us during that time. Damn! I'm back in being a student again! I can't believe it!

How much would the seminar cost so I could arrange my budget now?



Toby, that's always up to the host. Just drop them a note and I am sure they can tell you.

take care
-Matt Thornton