Q: How do muslim men foreplay?

A: they scratch the goat under the chin.


Q. What do you call a Muslim who owns a camel and a goat?
A. Bisexual.

Q. How do Muslims practice safe sex?
A. They mark the camels that kick.

Q. What do you call a Muslim who owns 6 goats?
A. A pimp.

Q. What's the hardest part about a Muslim killing his own daughter?
A. Suppressing the erection.

Q: How can you tell if a Muslim girl is old enough to marry?
A: Make her stand in a barrel. If her chin is over the top, she's old enough. If it isn't, cut the barrel down until her chin is over the top.

Q. What's the difference between a Muslim and a vampire?
A. At some point the vampire will stop being bloodthirsty.

Fucking site sucks! D:< was meant for og.


Ug is a bunch of gays 

actually it's your junior high level joke that sucks. not the forum. (although this is poster child for how not to build a website is close)

I thought they were all a little childish until the second from last, i got a laugh out of that.

Funny stuff.

You should be on stage.......sweeping.

What does this thread and Alqueda have in common? 


They both bombed

The scratch them under the WFA.

Mods please move to the Guam Forum.

Jesus fucking christ. All religions are dog shit but these 'jokes' are even worse.

Lollllll the only thing funny is OP thinking these jokes would go over

It's never good when the thread title from a wannabe comedian doesn't make any fucking sense 

These comments are a lot funnier than those jokes.