Q. How many chokes are there ?

Let me start the list..

1. rear naked

Guillotine choke.

Forearm choke.

Triangle choke.

'Rape' choke (two hands around the throat).

Shin choke.

Seeing as this is a MMA site, I'll exclude all gi chokes. All I can think of for the moment.

head-arm choke aka arm triangle

Thats 7 so far ...

8. spinning head clinch choke
9. reverse triangle
10. Bow & arrow (no-gi)
11. ?

I have Gene LeBell's GRAPPLING WORLD: The Encyclopedia of Finishing Holds. I'm not sure which edition it is but it's the one with the blue cover. Chapter 12 which goes from page 325 - 365 is dedicated to Chokes, both gi & non-gi. If you really want to know how many chokes there are, you should check this book out, it's great!

i'll spoil all your fun right now...there are exactly 137 chokes. no more, no less. that is all.

yes i included the wristwatch, and also the pelican... what a funny old creature the pelican, his beak can hold more than his belly can

Mmm... chokes huh?

#140 Cock choke (the less said the better)

#141 Beer Bong choke (generally seen at 18th and 21st parties)

#142 Tuna choke (I hate fish)

#142 Hansel's Downfall!

Now we are cookin..
143. Easter egg choke
144. Greg Norman at 1996(?)US Masters

(or did Greg wear a gi that day?)

Lots of gi chokes but what about no gi?

How many no gi chokes are their?

I can think of
1.Rear Naked
2. Head Arm choke
3.A Spinning Choke from side control
more of a throat crush i think

4.Triangle choke
5.Guillotine choke
6.Forearm choke from mount i think
7.I saw a type of head arm choke from subfighter.net
from the north south position

Doesnt seem like their are alot of no gi chokes really

here are some that have not been mentioned yet, or maybe they have but i am retarded...

gi chokes: bear claw, lapel and shin choke from guard.

no gi chokes: front choke, arm and neck (someone called it arm triangle?) triangle from guard (i think there is also one from back?), choke from mount using only their arm (forgot the name of it, but use all the time at work as they cant bite you), a choke i got at a erik paulson seminar (no idea what the name is but i call it a scissor forearm choke from side control).

arm wrap/forearm choke from side mount