Q. Jackson doin' his thang (VIDS)!

1st MMA fight ever vs Marvin Eastman -

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Quinton vs Matt "The Law" Linland -

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Quinton vs Cyril in K-1 -

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Quinton vs Igor Vovchanchin -

Quinton vs Cyril Abidi 2


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SOB!!! He is strong. That slam in his second fight he dead lifted the dude over his head.

Good shit man, how can you not like this guy.

RAmpage is a specimen...dominating in a K1 fight while being primarly a wrestler....

GREAT. That is why I was laughing at people saying he would get KO by Chuck

HOLY SHIT, that powerbomb in his second fight? My goodness that was sick.

Rampage fight against Marco Bermudaz might just be the sickest thing I've ever seen.
He just picks him up and slams him whenever he wants to, and you can see that Marco isn't the lightest guy in the world :)

Wondering about that Igor fight as well.

That and the Chuck fight are probably his 2 best fights ever. I mean Igor is awesome, and Rampage played it smart, played it to his strengths the whole time and took very little damage against one of the deadliest strikers this sport has seen.


thanks for the videos