q jackson & lindland are ufc???

rampage and matt are under contract

ufc bought those contracts

are they gonna fight for ufc?

also heath herring!?

who knows the facts!!?????????????

herring will be ufc champ

Lindland did not have an exclusive contract with the WFA, hence he is not in the UFC.

I hear Lindland is not.


cus matt would beat anderson silva imo!

Actually Eddie Goldman said that he had contacted Matts agent and they were waiting to fing out from the lawyers wether he was under exclusive contract or a free agent. Don't know if they have updated , this was Friday.

Heath Herring at 205 would be a force, he has decent wrestling and some pretty good punching power.

Yea, I can't decide which class I would like to see him in. At first glance HW would be the obvious choice, but unless more talent is signed it may be a waste of his talent. The LHW division doesn't appear to be in as bad shape, but it doesn't look real strong either.

What would make you think that Heath Herring could make 205? The guy is like 240-250 lbs.

What would make you think that Heath Herring could make 205? The guy is like 240-250 lbs.

Dunno, from the above post I thought there must be a possibility.

Jake O'Brien vs. Heath Herring.

Rampage vs. Babalu.
Those would be good.

I was about to say that, Heath Herring is a big fucker, no way he makes 205.

Herring can't make 205 lbs, plus with the HW division being so weak, what's the point?

Herring would do fine against current UFC hvywts.

Heath couldn't cut to 205 if he cut off a leg. This would hamper his game considerably.

"Herring would do fine against current UFC hvywts."

He wouldn't have much of a chance against Sylvia, Arlovski or Vera, be he might do alright against some of the other guys.

Rampage vs. Chuck II/Babalu

Herring vs. Arlovski/Sylvia/Vera

Lindland definitely belongs. Should be the immediate #1 contender imo.

Herring could definitely be the UFC champ, but fights against Sylvia, Arlovski, and Vera would all be barn burners and could go either way. Herring is a great addition to the UFC roster.


Rampage would also really tear it up at 145.

so rampage is in and matt is out?