Q Lazzarus singer of Goodbye Horses is a woman



mind blown ?????



Q Lazzarus



"........................Q Lazzarus is known for having a deep, husky contralto voice. She was born in New Jersey, married young, fled a marriage of domestic abuse which later would inspire her to write her song: "Tears of Fear". Q's full name is Quiana Diana Lazzarus. After she fled her marriage, Q moved to New York City and became a nanny for an English man named Swan who did not encourage her musical gifts, trying to steer her towards a "practical occupation". Q decided to drive a taxi instead and continue making music independently at times from The Resurrection. She was discovered as a singer when she worked as a taxi driver in New York City. She picked up famous director Jonathan Demme, was whisked off to Hollywood where despite Jonathan's encouragement, record companies refused to sign her.................."




Song fucking pounds. Playing it last night but things got weird. Buddies wife went to bed and then it was me and 3 buck naked dudes drinking and listening to q lazarus so i went and passed out in the basement because his ps4 didn't work

Yup Phone Post 3.0


Almost as mindblowing as finding out that the 'Can I have yo numbah?' "guy" on the MADtv skit is a woman lol.