Q: What Makes A Great Tourney?

In your opinion, what makes a great grappling tournament?

What have you seen at some tourneys that you thought was a great idea?

What do you NOT like or want to see at a tourney?

What should tourney organisers be doing for you that they're not doing already?

What other questions should I be asking to get some great, informed responses from the UG, in order that our forthcoming Asia Pacific Rim Jiu Jitsu Tournament is a great success, promotes BJJ beautifully, and provides a safe, comfortable, fair and fun environment for our competitors to show off their skills? We want everyone - competitors and spectators - to leave with only positive things to say about the event.

We have a pretty good idea, but we're looking forward to reading some of your thoughts.



Taipei Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy

My bad - what was I thinking, asking for UG-ers thoughts!?

I like Round robin tournies. The one 1 fight and your out thing sucks!

It would also be nice if they seeded people for divisions. I know this sounds hard but this would put the top 2 in the finals and not first round.

I agree with useless. Round robin are the best. BJJ should take a look at what the local sub tournies are doing. WAY lower entrance fees and more matches.

Interesting ... *takes notes* ...

Any more?

I understand.

What about other details?

if you could have weigh ins the day before the tourney that would be great.

And like if you could have a teneative(sp) schedule that would rock! Like Beginner not to start before 11, advance before 1 and so on. This way people kinda have an idea of when there suppose to compete. And it will get ride of all those "Any idea when my division is suppose to start" questions.

fair judges and low entry fees and well organized

Want to compete in a RANKED tournament but can't afford the prices? Want more for your money?
Check out the Northeastern BJJ and Submission Wrestling Championships. - Every competitor is gaurenteed at least 2 matches - Low entrance fee - 10 rings running at the same time - Trained Officials - $300 cash for first place in Professional Division - Free BJJ/Wrestling seminar for all registered competitors

More info on the web http://www.ithaca.edu/students/ctombre1

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I like the tips, guys. Keep 'em coming!



Round robin and low(er) entrance fees should just about cover it. $50 for single elimination is a bit steep.


Any more? You guys are really too easy to please!




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NUMBER ONE: The same rules applied without bias and fairly from beginning to end, from ring to ring, and from judge to judge. It sounds basic, but it's rare.
EVERTHING ELSE:, type of point system, awards, leg lock rules, slams, no slams, heel hooks, no heel hooks, caliber of super-fights, entrance fees, type of awards, efficiency of program, are all meaningless, if you think you've been cheated by changes in rules or bias refs. So see NUMBER ONE.