QAnon Followers Threaten Hospital After Outspoken COVID Denier Dies Of COVID

Why would you be begging and threatening a Hospital to be given a Horse De-Wormer (Ivermectin), for something that is not even as bad as the Flu?

This poor woman died disseminating disinformation, false and misleading information, that probably resulting in many deaths. It’s very tragic. I feel sad for her family and loved ones who have to suffer and bear the pain and consequences of her actions. I also feel sad for the many families who might have lost loved ones, because of the disinformation dissemination by this woman.

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As the OG would say, “fuck 'em”.

  1. If this is true they’re morons…

  2. The media has little real credibility anymore and HuffPo even less so.


No kidding. It took this one incident for you to realize that QAnon followers and many Trump followers are a bunch of morons?


Has anyone ever met a Qanon believer IRL? I know I haven’t and no one I know has… Point being, even if I were dumb enough to believe anything HuffPo posts on face value, I’m not gonna get worked up over what is by any metric an insignificant minority.

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Unhealthy people die daily. Some are dipshits. Not sure what the story is here.

It looks like you share some of their beliefs.

I know 2. Both of them completely stopped talking about it after the January 6th thing.

They are both good people. Just got caught up in some bullshit.

Another data point for why you should never underestimate the stupidity of trumptards.

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Until ANTIFA is mentioned again.

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And what beliefs are those?

So true.

Antifa can be found in multiple countries and have been rioting non-stop in some places for almost a year now and have actually killed someone… There’s a bit of a difference between them and the morons on the other side.

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You are a disingenuous hypocrite.

So you have other standards besides the size of the group?

What’s disingenuous…

Does Antifa not exist in multiple countries, especially in Europe?

Have they not been rioting non-stop in Portland for almost a year?

Has an Antifa douche not literally hunted down a man and shot him?

Masses are usually by definition stupid and dangerous, so yes there’s more to it than just being part of a group who believes dumb shit.

I know a couple, and I live in Canada. It’s one of the most successful disinformation ops of all time.

Another thread where the OP uses death to troll the OG. Dude, you are a sociopath.

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Yes. He was wearing a pointy white hat riding a unicorn leading a marching band playing Dixie.

They are all over the place. Huge threat to national security.