QAnon Followers Threaten Hospital After Outspoken COVID Denier Dies Of COVID

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Well, actually I said size, but whatever. So really you dismiss qanon, not because of size, but for other reasons. Even small groups like antifa should not be dismissed. Yet, that was the reason you tried to give everyone.

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Says the guy who made a gay joke.

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Does it make you feel less like a hypocrite when you make yet another gay joke?

Isn’t this the “mob Rule” the right is always so fearful about?

Plenty of dead vaccine junkies from covid too.

Luckily for the billion dollar pharmaceutical cocks that leftists suck from the CDC stopped counting and started brushing that shit under the rug.

Covid conspiracy #3418A

LOL @ vaccine junkies.

I saw a poll that said more democrats are aware of QAnon the republicans. It’s a fringe group of people, but the media makes it sound like it’s everyone on the right. I couldn’t even tell you where to find QAnon news.

Keep believing that.

You have Republican members of congress who are QAnon believers and followers. You can’t get bigger or more influential than that.

HuffPost is last on the list of believable sources


That’s what Q told me. Apparently Q also told you that.


Marjorie Taylor Greene
Jo Rae Perkins
Lauren Boebert
Mike Cargile
Theresa Raborn
Erin Cruz

A small group that has caused millions in property damage, commited countless assaults, and have murdered people. Yeah, “small” group.