Qld Amateur Shoot Results?

Aside from Matt Knight's results, I know nothing. Someone please fill me in.

Are ther any Woombians around?

what happened with spanky?


Wouldn't Knight be a pro or is it different in different events?

I'm pretty sure it's more of an 'amateur rules' situation than 'amateurs only allowed'. Anyone can enter, but the rules are deemed as 'amateur' - no strikes on ground etc...

i think the rules are full strikes to the body, no head contact and only grappling on the ground. I went in one of these and had a great time, still got a lump on my shin as a reminder and got put to sleep with a choke by one of my training partners as well, top day!!!

TTT for results.

I went in the previous one and got dropped by a shot to the spew button. I will be a little warier (sp?) next time.

Thanks cadmus

it is a good way to see whether you want to do the real thing.

TTT for results.