quadros = worst

just finished watching Horn vs Nog from WEF 8...

what the fuck was quadros smoking? how could anyone say that horn deserved to win that fight? RIDICULOUS~! horn didn't have a single sub attempt or even dominant position in the fight, and came up on the short end of the standup as well. horn just basically buttscooted cause he knew he was getting lit up. man, quadros must've been smoking some good shit.

I think a qualified Fight Professor would know what he is talking about dude.

didn't anyone watch this fight? probably the worst commentary call in the history of our sport.

Yeah I watched it. It was disgustingly awful. The fact that he kept referencing his stupid assesment of the fight during the other fights made it worse "you see so and so isnt doing what horn did in the fight with minotauro".

Well he got what was coming to him in pride..

prick shit

Rogan does it too. That one announcer on KOTC was biased too.

rogan has never even come close to anything this bad