Quality AA teacher get 550k settlement, for opposing white privilege training


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“Benner refused to accept that black students are less capable than their white classmates“

This is what I’ve been saying for years. I would be very offended if someone told me my race were inferior and needed a handicap.


“Aaron Benner was among five teachers who in 2014 criticized Superintendent Valeria Silva’s plan to move disruptive African-American children back into mainstream classrooms rather than suspend them.

Talking at a school board meeting, Benner said the policy was “crippling our black children by not holding them to the same expectations as other students.”

He was pushing back on lib policies that only bring everyone down. Classic School to Prison pipeline bullshit that hurts the good kids more than anyone.


This is really saying something about how the education system views African-Americans, considering white students are completely retarded these days…