Quality Amateur Fighters

Would you like to be considered for a professionally- presented MMA event held in the Heart of Dixie? Only the best amateur fighters will be considered with preference given to southern-area fighters. You must email me with your stats (Fighting weight, height, age, address and contact telephone number(s), training school, instructor, type style(s), length of training, ALL fighting and training experience, opponents names with information on the event that can be verified.) A standing fight pose picture will be required along with any video of any fights you want us to review for your credentials/skills. If you will be making your MMA debut, you should complete all the information except the obvious fight records, however you may prepare a training/submission jiu-jitsu/wrestling/boxing video for consideration and substantiation of your abilities. You must be able to fight in a tournament-style MMA event (no single fights) with multiple fights in one night. You will be required to present a negative HIV and Hepatitis test within 30 days of the event. You must pass a fight physical and pay an entry fee along with signing an "Agreement to Participate". Your entry fee will be refunded to you at the conclusion of your fight participation. Rules are the Unified MMA Rules as adopted by the Nevada Gaming & Athletic Commission. Match time limits will be 3-5 minute rounds with final bracket match of 5-5 minute rounds. Tournament winners will become eligible to compete for a true title fight. All weight groups will be represented. Event information will be provided within the month. These events will be why you started MMA, but only the best will be considered. This is an AMATEUR Event with reasonable travel/lodging reimbursed only. The first event date will give you ample time to get ready and show your best. If you are interested and believe you qualify EMAIL me at: SkipHall@SkipHall.com with the appropriate information.