Quality of Surgeons in P.I.???

 I got a fuckin Cyst on my Wrist and 2 on my back.  I wanna get them removed but it costs like a GRAND over here.

I'm wondering it it's worth it to get done in Manila since the cost will likely be cheaper.


it will be cheaper around $500 cheaper probably. you can get it done at the top hospitals here (St Luke's, Medical City, Asian Hospital) and it will still come out cheaper.

Man I might just have to do that.   It'll save me more money for..... well.....   you know.

try out the "you know" at a place called Kremlin, a good cab driver will know where that is. The money you save from the surgery will get you a lot of "you knows".

kremlin?i go home every year and ive never heard of it

it's new