Did ya ever notice how sports talk hosts always seem to refer to Quarry as a "punching bag" and give him no more props than some ham & egg diver?

Quarry lost to Ali, Frazier and Norton fairly convincingly albeit his rounds with Frazier were a similar intensity and war as Hearns/Hagler.

Quarry was a bad ass counter puncher and his hands were like hammers. Quarry knocked Shavers out cold, also handed Ron Lyle his first loss (and don't forget the bitch of a time Lyle gave Foreman knocking him on his ass a ton of times). I believe he also beat Mac Foster also amongst many other good heavies he fought and defeated.

The guy had balls and heart and he never gets his props.

Jerry Quarry was unfortunate in that he fought during one of heavyweight boxing's best eras. If not for Ali and Frazier, he might have been able to win the championship at some point during his career.

Quarry had more balls than was good for him, allowing himself to get suckered into slugfests with fighters whom he should have boxed instead of slugged with. Frazier immediately comes to mind in that respect.

Quarry was one of the best counterpunchers I've ever seen. As a matter of fact, Evander Holyfield used to remind me a lot of him. Against today's fighters, I think Quarry would possibly own the Cruiserweight division.

Quarry would practically own the cruiserweight division (Toney would be the only real competition) but he'd also be very competitive against today's heavyweights as well. He was a heavyweight, no need to demote him to a lower weight class. He had (and could take) a heavyweight punch. He may have weighed only as much as RJJ does today, but his frame was much bigger.

I have alot of respect for him, but he was overshadowed by others in his era

Quarry, Holyfield, and Holmes are my favorite heavyweights of all-time. Quarry could (1) counterpunch (2) throw combinations (3) had great heart (4) could take a great shot. Has anyone seen his KO loss to George Chuvalo? Very weird ending.

Quarry beat Mac Foster convincingly, almost knocking him down, and beat Ron Lyle convincingly as well, again almost knocking him down. He took Shavers out in a round and was past his prime when he fought Norton, although that was an action-packed fight.

Remember those first "Superstar" competitions in the 70's? I remember one where Quarry was competing and he said to Franco Harris on air, "I'll break your damn neck". Franco did not reply. Tuff Irishman.

I also recall that he had some type of problems with his legs as a child but I cannot recall exactly what it was.

Further proof that one doesn't ned a great amateur career to becoe a very good pro.


How did Quarry-Chuvalo end? Sounds like it had the makings of a great fight, with Chuvalo as the bull like mauler with the size and strength advantage and Quarry the superior technician with the quicker hands.

Chuvalo scored a ko in I believe the sixth or
seventh round. Jerry ahead at the time. Quarry later
said he did not hear the count or some such
excuse. Jerry was a very, very good one in an era of
great ones. Foreman admitted that he ducked him
and wanted no part of his when champion.

Quarry was winning the fight and had closed one of Chuvalo's eyes. Martin, I think that Chuvalo clipped hin with a left hook on the temple. Quarry went down. Then he was up immediately. Then he took a knee to recuperate and didn't beat the ten-count, although he didn't look seriously hurt.