Queen Elizabeth II Cancelled Cuz... 'Colonialism'

Think about this for a minute… In Britain, a portrait of a monarch with no political power and who had nothing to do with British colonialism, is being taken down in one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Britain, you’re lost…

The liberal attempt to “wash” history is just as bad as the thing they are trying to erase.

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Fuck the kraut royals, they are the beneficiaries of a colonial past that continues to this day.

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This is what anti-White diversity gets you.

Tear it all down you’re right. That’s progress!!

And by, “colonialism”, they mean, “winning”.

That’s all it boils down to.

Losers are upset that they lost.


Pretty sure Oxford could find something to cancel themselves for if this is how stupid they’re getting.

arent universities guilty of teaching wrong think in the past?

they need to be shut down for perpetrating for teaching the wrong idea’s therefore training bad people who will go forth and do bad things

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