Queens, NY MMA

Hey I moved to the Fresh Meadows (near St. John's) area of Queens about 2 years ago. Previously I had trained at home in NJ, But when I moved my training lapsed. I really want to get back on the mat seriously, I'm 21 years old.

Does anyone know of a good gym in my area?

Thanks for any and all input, now off to work... the bar will not tend itself.

Here's some










 Jungle Gym might be close. Good school plenty of great training partners. http://junglegymbronx.com/

Brooklyn MMA with Terry Gold is another option http://www.brooklynmixedmartialarts.com/

Zocchi BJJ Carmine Zocchi great instructor and a great team http://www.trainjiujitsu.com/bjj/listings.cfm/845/Carmine-Zocchi-BJJ-Academy.html

Codella's BJJ  Mike Codella http://www.codellaacademy.com/

Tiger Schullman might have an academy near you also.

Tiger Schulman's has an assload of schools in Queens, NY. Some decent guys too. I've heard they're prices and contracts can be a lil steep though.

Flesh Meadows. Like Frushing and Correge Point.

ttt Phone Post

I heard PMA is good Phone Post

I drive by PMA all the time but I think they close somewhat early. They have a video tour of their facilities as well as instructors on fightnerd.com. Welcome to the hood. Phone Post

Queens MMA is the best gym in the area! They have the Best instructors, and are only about 3 miles from St. Johns.

Im pretty sure they give a free week trial. Check it out, and tell them i sent ya!

Good Luck no matter what you decide to do!

I was recommending places for the OP but queens mma is like 5 blocks from me and open late I may have to take classes myself lol Phone Post

Thanks a lot guys.

Does anyone have any personal experience with Progressive Martial Arts or Queens MMA?