Queensland/Gladstone BJJ

Hey People,
Does anyone know if there is any BJJ schools or people living up Gladstone/Queensland way.


What is this? Some sort of exchange programme between Qld and WA?

hey dom hows things long time no post sorry i have no idea cant help ya

Hey Cade,
You just gave away my secret identity.

I'm good by the way. Good luck next fight!!

I will be able to got to the spartan, xfc shows when I move over Queensland in March so I may see you over there.


Gorgeous: WA is just trying to improve the level in Queensland that is all. :)

There is no BJJ in Gladstone. There was talk of a club in Rocky, but we could never find it.

We have a judo club, a silat club and a freestyle mob (former BJC). The freestyle lot does a grappling class once a fortnight, though.

The only grappling training you'll find is the group that trains on the big tarp in my backyard in Boyne Island. Once our new PCYC's built we'll be moving into a real facility.

Not strictly BJJ. You're welcome, any time, though.

Sounds Good krakkerz,

You just made my day, I'll definitely want to come down for a roll. What is your contact number etc...
I have quite a few mats that I will be bringing over also.


Hi krakkerz,

How long ago was there talk of a club in Rocky?
I live in Emu Park so I'm after something in Rocky. All I've found is a kind of normal Jiu Jitsu place that sounds like it sucks arse (they use footy jerseys, not Gi's etc..). I'm interested in wrestling too but there seems to be none here.



A few months ago, there was a sub-wrestling seminar here. One of the guys who turned up from Rocky was supposed to be a BJJ guy and was starting a group/class there. Last we heard of it.

I was thinking of taking the guys up to Yeppoon in the near future for a weekend, maybe we could hook up. Plus, it's not a hell of a long way to Rocky, we could arrange for you to get some time in with us either here or there. It's not really BJJ, though.

More the merrier.

Hi krakkerz,

Sounds good mate! What do you guy's actually do? A mate and I have just been trying to learn of the Kukoc/Renzo DVD's and we just got the Sperry tapes.

We don't know much, have just been mucking around..

What are you guys looking at comming to Yeppoon though?
What's the average age and size of your group?
I talked to the guy I'll be training with in Rocky. He said he's 20 and fairly small but there's guys there that are like 130kg's! Myself I'm 19 and just over 70kg's..


I love Yeppoon and me and the guys have been talking about getting away for a weekend of drinking, training and drinking. It's either Yeppoon, Mackay, or Bundy.

I get around at 125-132kg. I'm 2m tall. After this fight on Jan 31, I'm going to look to go under 120kg for competition, though. I'm ex-army, ex-judoka, sometime "catch" guy.

We've got another guy at 5'10", circa 140kg. Experienced Judokaand general tough nut.

One at 110kg (conning him into fighting at 93kg) who is a ZDK BB and VERY good in the BJC shootfighting/BJJ area.

The other regular is another former BJC/ZDK guy who comes in at 70 odd kg.

We've got one 21 year old. The rest of us are 30ish, except Harry the giant, who will tell you how old he is if you can survive his scarf-hold.

We all try to get to seminars, try to train at the local judo club and visit gyms all over. We've got a couple of transients, as well.

We're trying to help the local coppers get a PCYC operating in the area. Since I teach the local kids to box, it'll be a shoe-in for us to use that facility in the future.

Drive a few hours more and you can train with Colin Crosby and us other dudes in Townsville :)

Maybe a few too many hours. But I'll make a point of it next time I'm up that way.