Querido: Professer de BJJ em Calif

Sei que meu Portugese não é o melhor. Procuro um BJJ Faixa Preta (No
Gi) Instrutor que vive na área de Baía que necessita um lugar ensinar.
Tenho acesso a 6000 PÉS quadrados de espaço que eu gostaria de

O instrutor teria acesso ao próprio espaço emaranhado, mas
compartilharia, compartimentos, lugares de mudança e banhos de
chuveiro com outros estudantes. Este meio, você podem programar
classes sempre que você como. Procuramos alguém que quer
desenvolver uma clientela, mas também terá acesso a uma base de
estudante de 300. Nós também ajudaremos com projeto de teia,
noticiando e promoções.

O tamanho total da escola é 12.000 pés de sq mas 6000 de é pouco
desenvolvidos. A área que vê ataque como o que segurando área seria
aproximadamente 80 X 25 de espaço. Ou pode ser maior. Olhamos pôr
uma anel/jaula nos outros espaços e lugares com sacolas, pessoa que
estaciona anda de bicicleta e outra engrenagem de treinamento.

Se são interessados contato me. Inquéritos sérios só.


A black belt friend of mine had his visa refused by the USA.

That is the hardest part.

I realise this Donna, but there are other ways, legal, to get things done.

I spoke to him yesterday, and he had his visa refused to Canada too. He and his wife.

Perhaps because they are black?

He is a wonderful person, and I am sorry for him having his dreams destroied by prejudice.

Donna remeber there are most of us here who Do NOT support our
countries way of dealing with this. Most of us hate GW Bush and what
he is doing. We dont support alot of things the government does here
including the war in Iraq...

I have no idea who you are talking about, you need to be more specific.
There are ways around it, it is called..knowing the right people! Hey, I
think it is harder to get into Canada because 4 years ago I tried as an
American to get in and I was refused and I have clean background, job
etcetera! And I am White!

Things like this happen all the time and not just to Brazilians.

Hey, I would even marry a Brazilian to help them if I thought it was to
keep them in the country..

Do you know people here in Brasilia, at USA or Canada consulate?

It is here that the visa is refused.

Are you saying the visa is refused in the US or Brasil? To establish one's
self in North America (US or Canada) one must get the 90 day visitors
visa. There are many ways to go about this, but I will give you one way.

If the guy is wanting to stay, it is good to try to find a sponsor or job
offer. Unless yo have other options.

I have a friend here who is staying the 90 days, going back to brasil,
then coming back for another 90 days, has found a lawyer to get in
under the "skilled worker" category, but he has a job offer as a jiu jitsu
teacher. The governments main concern is that the job offer is legit
and the incoming person from said country is not going to become a
drain on the country by going on welfare etc.

There are a lot of visas being refused for several reasons, one is that a
lot of Brasilians are coming to the US illegally through Mexico..and the
whole customs crap with the finger printing and iris scan that the US is
doing for all Brasilians who enter the US has pissed of the government
of Brasil (I dont blame them for being pissed off)..is also a cause for
problems even for the average Brazilian who just wants to visit..

I am not sure of all the details in your friends case, but it does help to
maybe talk with a lawyer to find easier ways to deal with BS.

I have even offered marriage to a guy who I thought was being screwed
by the government..because, I hate to see this kind of crap happen to
honest people.


I´m printing your post, and I´ll give it to my friend.


Donna if you email me I can send you more information that would
take me hours to print.


You have email.

Powerhockey maybe most of you San Francisco idiots don't support our country or president but don't speak for the country. We re-elected Bush and rejected your ideology. That's why people are trying to move here and not the other way around.


Bush is the idiot.

So said the world against his reelection.

And, in contrary to USA external policy, the world don´t use to put their noses where they were not invited.

Stop Iraq´s invasion!


I don't speak for anyone but myself, family and friends! And I don't
prescribe to any ideology specifically.

By electing Bush, just goes to show how uneducated most of the
American people are.

My biggest question to Bush or any president who propagates invading
another country because they THINK this country has WMD.

Since when was the United States given the position or power of
Policing the world???

The US supported and put Saddam into power in the first place. The US
has its own internal problems that it should take care of first. Before
running out and trying to solve everyone elses problems!

I may live here but I am not FROM (nor was I born here) in San
Francisco..I guess you are one of the brainwashed who believes
EVERYTHING you read that the governent spews out to you. We ALL
KNOW that the war is over control of Iraq's oil resourses and nothing

Contrary to what many Americans may think..NOT EVERY FOREIGNER

The ONLY reason people move here is the opportunity to make more
money, but money doesn't necessarily make one happier. I make a lot
of money here but I do this because, by the time I retire, there will be
no social security..I have lived in other countries and only reside here
for family reasons, otherwise, I would probably be sipping margaritas
on a beach front in Belize, Europe, Costa Rica or even Brasil, and doing
& teaching jiu-jitsu everyday.

RAV21 you need to get out more, travel and see other points of view
NOT JUST THE AMERICAN ONE!!..and there is nothing FREE about the
US, everything has its Price!

And don't give me any of that "love it or leave it crap"..It should be
"change it or lose it!"

Don't get me wrong, there are things I like about the US, but there are
things I also dislike too. I just think and have seen that there are a lot
of great countries out there where people can live a decent stress free
life, other than the US.

Peace, Tchau!

powerhockey17 send e-mail rocinhajj@yahoo.com.br
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