Quest. for Liberal Pastor

Given the season, the typical readings present themselves and I have a hard time understanding them.

"My father's house has many rooms" at first this seems to contradict - "one cannot get to my Father except through me."

Anyway, what troubles me is the second quotation mentioned above along with the fruit of the vine quote.

Both of these quotations are used to support fundamentalist views which I cannot agree with, yet I cannot fit my liberal bent with these words.

Are they historically accurate quotes (as far as we are able to tell) ?

Bludhall: Remember the "except through me"

Imagine in your example that the musician's name is John. Would his followers then say that the only way to be at one with Apollo (i.e., to be a great musician) is through John ?

I have no problem with the following idea: becoming one with God and thus as Jesus is at one with God, then by definition I am at one with Jesus, but I cannot fit such interpretation with the scripture.

It is this "except through" business that troubles me, especially in the context of the "fruit of the vine" analogy which follows. These passages certainly provide ammunition for those who have the feelings of the exclusivity of heaven to the followers of Jesus.

At first I thought that idea that the house has "many rooms" provided away for others to get to heaven, but it seems that its hard to make that argument given the words of the gospel.

I am not a liberal pastor, don't know if one is on the board. But the definition of a liberal as I understand it is one who does not take the bible to be the literal and inspired word of God. Therefore, from a liberal's perspective they would just say, the verse does not apply. It becomes the word of God as you "understand" it. I would guess they would say, that when you "tap" into the spirit of God, the same Spirit Jesus did, you then are connected to God and grow from that tree. And that Jesus meant that you cannot get to the Father, but through the same Spirit and path, that Jesus had already taken.

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