Quest. For Rory regarding style.

First off Rory, you are the man.

THis was a question that came up in the TUF3 forum and I was hoping that Rory would be able to answer.

How often (if ever) do you use the CM standup techniques and AntiGNP guard in your fights?

I can understand "if it aint broke dont fix it", so im sure that anyone who has previous experience would just use anything they are most comfortable with.

The next question is for SBG guys in general. Are there any MMA videos of people who have been "born and bred" through the SBG curriculum and show use of some of the more unique techniques?

Thank you for time

Can you define "unique techniques?"

Things that I have never seeen from any place other than SBG.
Such as
Anti GNP guard (altho Dennis Kang did do something like it)

vqchuang: I am not sure what you mean by CM anti- GNP guard. IMO
there is no such thing. The closest thing would be what Kavanagh called
the "3 zones of death." A CM type of structure is used at one of those
ranges to defend shots until the opponent can be broken down into a
tighter closed guard (sometimes rubber guard) or is kicked away to

You might have seen my wife Rebecca do that in her fight, if it had ever
gone to the ground with her on the bottom. She did use CM well to
defend during the stand-up clashes. I don't have video of that but it will
be on TSN in July if you want to see it.

If you watch my KOTC fight with Wilson Goveia you will see that I utilized the CM with much effect.

You know, I just reread your initial post and see that I confused what you
said. You said CM AND AntiGNP guard. So by AntiGNP, you were probably
referring to the spider-guard defense that Matt teaches, right?

The spider guard I teach for anti GnP is a pretty well known fundamental. Watch the Nog vs Coleman fight for one example of it's use. Our fighters use it all the time.

Thank you rory, mike and matt for ur responses. I will track down those fights.

What KOTC was it Rory?????

KOTC 32-Bringing Heat (from Sherdog)