Question about art

I'm trying out new styles for comicbook and I have a legal question. If I was to use the likeness of Hollywood actors as my characters could I get sued for that?

I wouldnt be acknowledging them as the actors just using their likeness.

Bryan Hitch a famous comic artist has used Tito Ortiz as Captain America and I have seen various others using actors likenesses.

However as i'm not a top marvel artist i'm a little wary of using this technique.

That is a complicated question. There are definitely some CA statutes that are on point. But that shit would take some good research just to give you an opinion that at most would likely say, "Well probably you can't/can do it, but I can't say for sure."

Maybe there is an IP lawyer on here who knows more off the top of their head.

But as always, free advice is worth exactly what you pay for it. If potential liability is there, you should talk to a real lawyer in real life.

Aren't you in England anyhow? Are you going to be distributing it in the US or something? Over the internet?

*Edit: is that the restatement?

Yes i'm in England but most comapinies are in the US that I would distribute through. I guess i'll have to rethink now. Cheers chaps

I am not sure that every state has that. But if the company is going to distribute widely enough you would probably incur it at some point. Don't remember. Will check my IP notes later and post.

There is always the fair use exception as well. But I am doubtful you would qualify.