Question about background check for Canadians..

who work in the US. I live in a Canadian border city and I got an offer for a position in the US (Michigan). I was told that a background check will be done which got me a little nervous since I have 3 charges. The charges are as follows: 1) Dui - August 1994, 2) Assault - Oct 1995 & 3) Spousal Assault - July 1999. The position is in the automotive industry. Before anybody takes me as being a psycho for the last 2 charges, the assault was related to a fight I got into while going to university where after getting sucker punched at a bar I broke a guy's nose. I had no marks (got punched to the head) while he had the broken nose and I was charged with assault. The spousal assault is related to my ex-wife who was (and still is) suffering from anorexia. Anyways we had an argument that day and she started hitting me. I grabbed her to stop but she continued to hit me and started pulling my hair so I held her tighter and ended up throwing her on the coach and left (which was probably stupid of me since she kept saying she was going to call the police). I came back about 2 hours later and the police were there and was charged for assault (they listen to my side of the story but said they had to place me under arrest since it was the law). The next day she contacted the police to try to have the assault charge withdrawn but they told her that her story (of what actually happened) differed from what she told them when she placed the original call and thus I was charged. Both assalut charges were dispositioned as 'Suspended' with a probation. <br /><br />I guess my question is what system does a US company use to check the background of a Canadian? The job is a great job and I am really looking forward to starting but these stupid charges in the past is making me nervous. Thanks for any input / information..

Additional note: I have worked in the US in the past (2005 - 2007) under a TN Visa. A US Border District Officer had asked me about these charges. After I talked to them and told them the circumstances, they had concluded the charges were 'not a CIMT' and granted me the TN. Also over the last 10 years when I had crossed the border, I was only asked about these charges only once - I have never been turned back because of these charges.

Again, thanks for any input / advice..

My advice is that the wheels are already in motion so there really isn't anything to it, other than easing your anxiety.

If you're working for GM, I know a ton of people with DUI and assault charges who still were able to work for GM. They pay more attention to the drug test (hair) than criminal charges.

As long as you can get the visa I would think you would be alright. -ken

Although they might deny you if they find out you're a Florian fan.


<blockquote>KenTheWalrus - Although they might deny you if they find out you're a Florian fan.<br /><br /><br />j/k</blockquote><br /><br /> We all know KenFlo is the man..<br />