Question about bjj and bodyweight

Sorry if this is a repost, but I couldn't find it covered anywhere.
I have been doing BJJ for roughly 8 months and am looking for add some side conditioning to compliment it. I currently weight 130lbs, am 20 years old and am fairly lean. I would like to get stronger and if possible gain 10-15lbs. I do BJJ 4 time a week(give or take). I am interested in doing bodyweight exercising for the most part(like the ones that are linked to from this fourm).
My question is: How often should I do the exercises to yield results? And if I raise my current calorie intake, can I continue to slowly(I'm not in a HUGE rush) gain weight steadly?

Thanks in advance for the input.

Lift weights and eat . . . bw conditioning is good for endurance, but not
a practical way to gain lean mass.

. . . not saying it can't be done, but at 130lbs it's pretty obvious that you
will not gain weight easily. Better to use tools suited to your goals.

Yes, I'm 5'6".

I see what you are saying. Would you think that it would be a happy-medium if I used something like kettlebells(or a modified dumbbell) along with exercises like pullup, squat, dl, etc.?

Thanks so far guys!

Eh, it's been discussed to death, but I would choose DB over KB . . .
they're just a better value.

Yes, these exercises will help you gain weight . . . squat, dl.

Thanks. I have also noticed that DBs seem to be a much better cash value than their KB counter-parts. Once again thank you for your input.

you would grow best using a rep range of 6 to 12 and going close to failure. Some body weight exercise can do that, others cant. I can push up all day.