Question about BJJ school...

 Signing back up for BJJ. However,the BB at the school is only there on Monday,Wed is a purple teaching,Friday is a blue (classes are mon-wed-fri). I was thinking the bad part about this is I'm paying to be taught by the BB,not a blue. Yeah,be loyal to the team and all that,but as a prospective customer I feel like I'm not getting my $$$$ worth. What do you think?

May depend on who the blackbelt is. I would definitely do it if the blackbelt is top notch and I liked the school environment.

How much are classes? Is this the only school around you? Ideally, you'd want to train someplace rich in higher belts and where the main instructor teaches the majority of classes, especially for the prices bjj commands these days. But if that's the only game in town, then that's what you've got and you either go with it or you decide training on your own with a group of friends and something like Gracie Combatives is a better value.

For me, I'd sign up for a month or so to give the place a shot. If it's a good vibe and the lower belt instructors have come up the right way re: physical skills and an ability to communicate the material to you, the beginning student, then I wouldn't necessarily feel like I'd be getting ripped off.

all the stuff missing glove says but i must ask what level are you?

you said signing back up, what level were you when you quit? if you are still a white belt or a low blue i dont see anything wrong with learning from a blue and a purple with one day a week being the black belt. of course if there is somewhere else with more consistent black belt attention i would check that out.

sometimes you will feel more comfortable in a school even though the black belt isnt always there. its all about what atmosphere fits you best.

If you're new to BJJ or at a low level then you could learn a lot from a blue or purple belt. How much experience do you have/ what belt are you?

I say no.

I know a lot of guys on here will tell you there is a lot you can learn from a blue belt, but blue belts still also have a lot of bad habits.

Im sure there is a lot you can learn from a good blue or purple, but there are also some things that will get missed.

The first place I trained was under a purple belt. I had to move so I didn't talk to him for several years. He is now a black belt. I asked him what he thought about training under a purple. He said that he knows so much more now and that he is a much, much better instructor now that he's a black belt. Phone Post

blue belts can't run a class. if they do they probably shouldnt take many questions as their answers to why will probably be way wrong. even at purple i only will teach my 2 or 3 best techniques. (i only do that when my instructor, a BB, tells me to teach it) i always hated when people got their purples and started telling everyone how to do stuff.

it's 2011, no place should be having blue belts teach classes anymore IF you are living in a place where there are other options.

however, if you are living in the sticks then i'm sorry for you.

 I've got around a year of BJJ in (for those who asked). The blue and I started around the same time,but he shot up to blue fast. A lot of the blues before him resent him and have left. I figured I could go on the night the black belt is there,and see about the other nights. I DO live in the sticks,and there isn't another alternative without driving 3+ hours. Thanks for the suggestions!

It seems like you have no other choice as far as bjj goes. Unless you might like judo or some other alternate MA. What does the BB do on his off nights? Does he teach somewhere else during that time?

Also, I'm with everyone who says you can only learn so much from a blue before it is apparent you're getting conflicting advice, but if there is a curriculum and the blue is merely parroting I don't see it as a big issue because there is a head BB there.

Nowadays I look forward to just rolling more than anything. I hate coming late so I go through everything else, but the sparring is when I have fun.

While a black belt certainly knows more and is technically better, what you should really be concerned with is the instructor's teaching ability and whether or not their teaching style matches up well with your learning style.

The ability to execute techniques and the ability to teach are two completely different skill sets.

I have met many black belts who are amazing on the mats but are not good teachers at all. I've also met some good purples that I thought were amazing instructors.

My advice to you is to try out a few classes with each of the instructors before making your decision.