question about bjj to mma

I was wondering what you guys thought was necessary to train for mma. I'm currently a blue belt in bjj. I have read that people that want to fight mma should not bother learning just jiu jitsu but should find a mma school instead because a lot of bjj stuff does not work in mma. I was thinking of taking boxing 2x a week, bjj 2 times a week, and doing some greco roman wrestling with a friend who's good at it 1x a week. Would this be an approach that would work or would this still be to hard to get to work together. I personally like bjj and I can see how it would transfer to fighting, but I also see the point made by others saying there is just no point in learning some moves because they will never work in mma. I would really like to hear your responses to this because I'm currently trying to decide what i need to do to start making the transition.

anybody have an idea or opinion

actually my instructor is cool like that. we do gi 2x a week and no gi 3x per week right now and when we do gi he really doesn't focus much on gi chokes and stuff. Most of our students compete in no gi events rather than with the gi. Do you think adding in boxing 2x a week for now and adding in a day of wrestling would be enough to get a pretty good base preperation for mma

it is VERY important that if you are going to compete MMA, you train MMA.

the mistake a lot of people make is in boxing on Monday, doing BJJ on Tuesday, wrestling on wednesday, and so on, but not DOING MMA. To be ready for MMA you must spend a LOT of time DOING MMA. Period.

I think that your program is deficient in wrestling. Training 1/week with your buddy is not going to cut it against good fighters. The bjj guys who are doing well in the fight game practice their takedowns much more.

"I also see the point made by others saying there is just no point in learning some moves because they will never work in mma."

If your ultimate goal is to win MMA fights then make sure that your best moves work when the gi comes off. But that doesn't mean that you have to completely abandon the gi. Tons of guys who fight train with it, just not around the time of a fight.

Good luck with your training man!

I agree that the times per week I want to wrestle is low but the problem is I can't find a wrestling club close by. I was a wrestler in highschool and I have decent takedowns. My friend that I practice with is a wrestling coach so he is good at helping me enhance my takedowns. Also in our jiu jitsu class we don't always start from the knees. At least once a week we train from feet. I really wish I could find an mma place to train right now. It's really hard because there are no mma training facilities around right now. Is there any carry over if I do bjj 2x a week, boxing 2x a week and wrestling 2x a week. I know it's not exactly training for mma, but would it at least allow me to pick mma up quicker when I finally get out of college and move somewhere where I can train mma.

If you don't have a mma school to go to then it sounds like a good plan. You may want to incorporate some muay thai as opposed to strictly boxing though. There is a lot to be learned in the muay thai clinch that boxing will not teach you such as elbows and knees.

okay cool. I think I know of a muay thai place around so I'll probably go check it out.