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I created a thread in the Underground forum about self-defense for my wife a few weeks back. Nearly everyone who answered pointed to you as the authority in this area. I have seen your website and I'm interested in possibly purchasing tapes in this area. My other interest is for myself. I am presently finishing my college degree, at age 31, so that I may apply for a position with the F.B.I. Which tapes would you suggest for the two of us which could enhance not only her self-defense awareness but my interests as well.

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John Large (aka Southfan123)

I think I'm alone on this forum.

Blauer's stuff is the best I've seen. Contact his offices by 1800# and inquire about the BYOB package and the RapeSafe package. Both are great deals.

Phone number's on his website:


I have been studying BLAUER research for over a decade and I have WAY too many favorite tapes to list them all here. That being said, without a doubt, the best overview of the system is the Be Your Own Bodyguard package. Check out the link...sorry it's not 'neat'

That, in my opinion, is a great 'general' start, not knowing any of your training background or interests. There are a ton of other great videos that stand on there own or make great additions to BYOB: The most popular ones are SPEAR Fundamentals, Controlling the Blade, Close Quarter Form: Total Tool Development, Rape Safe, and our MMA series.

Feel free to drop a line at the office from and someone will be happy to help you. I work at head office full time so I look forward to possibly speaking to you.


Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5 EST
877.773.2748 toll free

I believe that Phil said it all.




Give the office a call. Phil is great to talk to and will be able to get a feel for where you want to go with your training. After you have started, post your feelings and let us know how you are progressing. BYOB program is a great start. You may find yourself driving around listening to the audio tapes. Maybe we can talk Coach Blauer into putting them out on CD's for those with CD players in their cars.

Hal Pierce
PDR Team