Question about buakaw and yodslenkai

Are those guys not big believers in weight training or is it mainly that in thailand there is just not a lot of emphasis put on it?

Both gyms I have been to in Thailand had a heavy emphasis on weight training. My last two trips, they dedicated three mornings a week to weight training after the run. They just lift for strength and power, not for size.

Why do you ask? I am just curious as your question was a little broad.

I am getting to start training in thaiboxing. Just curious about what type of training they did as I was under the impression the thais are heavily focused on weight lifting. Not saying im going to follow their routine and all that jazz just curious. What type of training were they doing?

I thought most Thai gyms don't even have weights...just a pullup bar and sit up bench

^^ pretty much, and some dumbells

Also, you will find that the Thai's develop many custom weight contraptions to gain effective strength, especially for Muay Plum. Gyms with more money have decent weight lifting equipment and machines. Less developed gyms rely on concrete weights, etc.