Question About Detriot

Why is Matt Millen still running this organization? 

 What does the local press have to say about the Lions and Millen? If that organization where in Denver, there would be riots and looting.

Of course in Detroit "riots and looting" are just another day.

Same could be said for the OAKLAND Raiders.

 HEMAN - you can't fire the owner though.

Even the owner's son said Millen should be fired.

Govnor -  HEMAN - you can't fire the owner though.

Can sum1 push him down the steps??? What he is doing is embarassing to his team, city and fans in general. And I don't even like OAKLAND.

 Millen's out, according to a report today from SI.  I hope he goes back to being an announcer.  He was good at that

The Lions, off to an 0-3 start, have removed Matt Millen as team president, reports's Jay Glazer.

"Millen was informed of the move last night during a late-night high-level meeting. This morning several people within the building confirmed that he had large packing boxes in his office and he made his way around to different employees telling them of the move. It is unclear if Millen was fired or removed himself from the equation but the news comes just days after Bill Ford Jr. publicly stated he would have fired the GM if it was his decision but he lacked the authority to do so."

The complete story is here.

 I wish someone could fire Mike Brown, but since he's the owner I just have to wait for him to die.  Then I'm sure I'll have to put up with his offspring.  He's an embarassment to his father's legacy.

Top 3 worst ran organizations in the NFL:

  • Oakland

  • Detroit

  • Cincinnati