Question about Earguards

Hoping someone, or better yet everyone, could contribute some insight or info on earguards.

What to look for when choosing an efficient ear guard.

What are reliable or good earguards.


What are prices like here at the different shops on O'ahu?

I understand that Sports Authority has only one kind, but I am sure there are other options at shops like OTM, the new AK, and FC. I just don't know much about the subject, mainly because there are so many to choose from, rather than just one. Yeah, I'm a hair short of being a pansy and don't like needles (hence preventing from having to drain the ears).

My son uses the twisters and likes that it is ventilated. Also you are able to change the colors.

For maximum protection get a "cup" style. Those slim ones will give you cauliflower just as fast as going with no headgear.

pink if possible imo

shopping for earguards would be like  shopping for shoes :). Look for comfortability for  your ears. The right size and find an earguard that can open up your hearing  when someone's trying to coach you on the side (like during tournaments) and the durability of the earguards. there are many brands out there like Brute, cliffkeen, matman and much more. At Ak we currently carrying the Isami earguards. The price is a little high but you do get what you pay for.

PS: Isami = made in japan, that's all i have to say.