Question about Erica Montoya

What belt level did she get to before switching to no-gi bjj?

I think she still trains gi with the Machado's, I think. She was a purple belt, I believe, when she came to Chris's.

Erica is fighting tonight in Vegas and Chris is with her, so one of them could answer more accurately after the weekend.


She was a purple when she left. She hasn't been there in about a year. NOGI! :)

She is pretty much kick ass with or without the gi. When will we see you tap someone in a gi Chris?

Whats a gi???

ileft the machados almost 2 years ago and since then iv been only with NG and since then i can honestly remember putting on a gi twice to roll one of those times being with chris.

I'm telling you all, once you drop the Gi, you never want to go back.

dude spiderman is a good guy and trained here for a bit, he aint no pedo. Play nice.

Hey Justin (Spidey) -

How are you? Where you training at nowadays? Are you back up north?

Tom V.

Hey Justin -

Not really training much in the past year and a half. I completly stopped for about 7 months, but was in twice a couple of weeks ago. I have a little cold, so I'm out this week, but am trying to get back in, even if it's only once a week. I will be training with Tracy, since that will be right down the street from my house!

I'm a lifer though, been training too long to quit. It feels good everytime I train, though it's kind of dis-heartning to be at a level below I was a year ago. I felt like I was getting much better before I stopped. Oh well, such is life.


how did the fight go?

Her opponent did a head dive sown the escalator 5 minutes before the event started. Lucky chick.

Justin -

I have 2 kids now! My daughter is now 6 and I have a 2 year old son. My son actually naturally wrestles real well, so there is hope :-)

I hope to get back to where I was a year ago, and then hopefully improve from that.

I head up to SF every once in a while, my bro's live there and I've had a few art shows in the city. Next time I head out, I'll post a message, maybe we can hang out.

Best regards,


PS - sorry for highjacking this thread, but got to talk to my friend Spiderman :-)

Is she single?



its hard to fight nhb in PJs

no it's not just ask Royce... ;)

I guess I was wrong, Royce agrees with you, he takes off the gi top now. In other news, hell's temperature has drastically dropped...