question about fatigue/tired

Does anybody have any experience with being tired and sleepy all the time?

I lift weights 5 days a week, have a clean diet [6 meals a day, clean carbs], and get 8 hours of sleep every night. Supplements I take are aminos, glutamine, creatine, and a multivitamin. I don't drink caffeine late in the evening. Don't smoke or drink or any of that at all. But I seem to be tired all the time. Extremely tired at times to where I will leave work and crash for a 30 minute or 45 nap.

Any ideas on what may be causing this or any suggestions?

Thanks a lot.

Take a week off. Check to see if you have sleep apnia.

I have recently taken a week off. Actually, I try to take one off every 6-8 weeks, to avoid overtraining. What do I need to do to get checked for sleep apnia? Just see the doc?


I have that same issue, I don't know what the deal is.

It could be a thyroid problem.

I might ask the doc at my next physical

hahaha, I'm extremely tired right now. And I still have to pump out some one-legged squats and attend a taichi/qigong class. (did bjj this morning)

A friend of mine has very similar issues. He trains bjj three times a week and runs/lifts the other 3 days [Sundays off]. He went to the doctor to get some blood work done and when the results came back in, the doctor told him it was dehydration. But he drinks 1-2 gallons of water a day! The doc told him to get retested...

No caffeine late is good -- do you sleep well, anyway?

And how about early? Caffeine can cause adrenal fatigue, if you have a lot, even if it has worn off by bed time.

I know that's a long shot, but.... thought I'd ask.


Depending on how much you train, 8 hours of sleep may not be enough.

When I'm lifting heavy, I try to get 9-10 hours of sleep. And add extra naps during the weekend.

I say sleep more. 8 hours, from what I understand, is for sedentary folk.

Everywhere I've read for athletes, they need somewhere between 9-10 hours a night.

As far as the caffeine goes, usually none after 5 or 6. Bedtime is usually 9.

I do try a lot of times to sleep more than 8 hours. I usually get between 8-9, sometimes more, but never any less. Someone suggested to me that it may be too much, but I agree with you, 4 ranges. Lifting is always pretty heavy, so I need to sleep to recover/grow...

Thanks for the replies, again

my question was "how much caffeine before 5 or 6"...
i.e., none after 5 is good, but a lot before 5 will still drain your adrenals. So there's a thought. (There are things to do about this, but not being a doctor I sort of hate to start making recommendations that may or may not help. And this is quite likely not your issue at all, like I said, but thought I'd ask!)

Of course you might need more sleep, or you might havve massive stress we don't know about....

Or... you might need to see a doctor.

Ali, its not really very much. I drink at least a gallon of water throughout the day, so it is mixed in usuallly. I will just drink a Diet Coke with my 5:00 meal, thats it...

As far as stress, there is not a whole lot. I am a server admin at work, so it is not usually high stress. I'm thinking that the doc is the way to go, but figured that you guys may have simliar experience...


When you took your week off did you feel better? Do you sleep until you wake up naturally or do you use an alarm clock?

I usually don't feel that much better when I take a week off. Somewhat lethargic, actually. I definitely use an alarm clock. Two of them, just in case...

As far as overtraining goes, I train one bodypart per day. No more bjj or muay thai. Only weights...


Maybe try switching to a more full body or half body split and only training 3 times per week.

Also, you could try going to sleep 15 mins earlier each night until you wake up before the alarm, this could identify how much sleep your body wants.

Finally, your first idea, seeing a doc and getting some bloodwork done is a good one!

Maybe it's a vitamin deficiency issue?

If taking a week off doesn't make you feel better, you need to go see a doctor. And maybe start eating more calories.

bry bry- i agree, it is very frustrating. thanks for the empathy...

4 ranges- i guess that's always a possibility, but i take a multivitamin supplement and eat clean. i asked on another post about zma, because i have heard great things about it and that it could help out...

toddseney- in the past few months, i have upped my calories to about 3500 a day. trying to gain mass, i have slowly increased and now that is where i am. they all come from clean foods over 7 meals...

i think that ultimately the doc is the way to go. i have been reading a lot and there is something called "chronic fatigue syndrome" that sounds a lot like what i am dealing with. i guess this is a possibility, but i will have to get diagnosed...

again, thanks for all the posts and suggestions..



AHA! I think we figured it out.

Lifting weights 5 days a week with NO ZMA is asking for slow/stalled recovery.

I think taking ZMA will make the difference here buddy. :)

I hope so. I start with the ZMA next week...


There is nothing magical about ZMA. It only works in people who are zinc deficient. Beef, pork, chicken and rice are all good sources.

does it not help those who are deficient in magnesium and b6 as well?

doesn't the extra b6 help absorb more protein?