question about fatigue/tired

Seriously just take the week off like Todd said. You're not gonna shrivel up if you do.


If you're deficient in magnesium and b6 there is something horribly, horribly, horribly wrong with your diet. Instead of wasting your money on an overpriced placebo, invest in sound nutrition.

todd, think that might be a bit of a stretch. Zinc and Magnesium deficiency whilst probably not as widespread as the ZMA marketing would lead you to beleive is a real issue for people who are training athletically(or wanking a lot)

Yes, people who train and/or wank and don't eat a well balanced diet.

We can probably stick with just people who train, the other part is a given!

Just fyi, going to see a sleep specialist next Monday. This is just an evaluation. If they see fit for more testing, that would include blood tests and sleep tests for apnea, etc.

Will follow up with results.


Went for the evaluation. Going to do a sleep test in December. He said that it could be anything from sleep apnea to excessive daytime sleepiness. Guess I will find out after the tests are done.

They are doing an overnight sleep test, then the next day they will test for E.D.S.


Your fatigue could be related to altered posture, gait, or general locomotor system dysfunction. For example, if a person has forward head posture, tight pecs, weak scapula retractors, tight lats, and a global flexion posutre, chances are arm swing reducdes during gait, which causes an increase in respiration rate, which causes a person to blow off extra carbon dioxide, which causes an acidic shift in blood chemistry, which can lead to lots of issues including chronic pain and chronic fatigue.

If you're training with high intensity in a way that reinforces muscle imbalances, you create compensations. This leads in inefficiency (fatigue) and injuries.

Just a little food for thought.

dude, i have suffered from a similar issue, and i also follow a pretty similar training regimine, and i bet i know exacty what your problem is, and it's called carb deficiency.

i'm guessing you limit carb intake so you can see some of the results of all your hard work, right? trying to keep your stomach tight, right? try upping your carbs, and maybe your entire caloric intake for one week, and see how it feels.

if you've already tried this, i apologize in advance if you're finding my tone condescending, but i would be very suprised if your problem was any more exotic than that.

of course, it could also be cancer. :(

hopefully not, though.


thanks for the advice. no, not condeescending at all. i actually appreciate any advice.

these past few months, i have been in more of a 'bulking' stage and am eating quite a lot. this does include many carbs, although they are good ones: quaker oats, whole wheat pasta, things of that nature. i stay away from simple carbs and do have a very high protein intake.

hope its not the cancer. that would not be very fun :(

I have had the SAME problem for YEARS, it is really frustrating and being chronically tired hurts all aspects of my life: school, work, training ect. The only supplements I take are vitamin C, multi vitamin, fish oil, L-glutamine, creatine and a green's supplement. I feel that I am more healthy and health conscience than just about everyone I know but I always feel like crap. I also fight mma so I do cardio, bjj, wrestling, boxing and lift when I get a chance. I have also heard "chronic fatigue syndrome" isn't real and it is what the doctors say when they don't know what is wrong with you. I have also had many bloodwork tests done since my mom is a nurse but they have all come back clean. I really don't know what to do anymore. I went to bed last night at 12:30 and woke up today at 9:00am for a meeting, right now it's 11:00am and I am debating whether or not to take a nap because I am so exhuasted and I shouldn't be I slept 8 and half hours last night. sorry for the rant, I feel your pain man.


That pretty much sums it up for me. I eat clean and make sure to sleep 8 hours a night. About an hour after I wake up, I am ready to crash again [really, from the moment I get up.]

I am only lifting now, but when I was training bjj and muay thai 4 days a week, it was the same way. I don't smoke or drink or do anything that would be destructive in that manner. It sucks.

No rant at all. I need the empathy!

Maybe you need to take a few weeks off.

I have taken time off. Only a week at a time, but that should be long enough to recover. On the time I take off, it is the same way. Regardless of whether I go to the gym or not, I crash. Weekends or whenever...

I am convinced that it has something to do with my sleep. I am getting enough, but maybe it is not quality sleep, possibly sleep apnea.

I can be here at work and be so tired that I say to myself, "I don't care if people walk in my office and see me asleep, I MUST TAKE A QUICK NAP!" I can lay in the floor and crash.

I have learned to be incognito and park my car in some hidden spot in the garage and sleep in my car. That's when I realized: something is not quite right here...

hahaha, its funny reading these stories because it's just like me.

no alcohol, no smoking, eating right, training well,



"Maybe you need to take a few weeks off."

in september i broke my toes so between that and school for the last two months I have barely been able to train at all and I havent lifted weights in about 2 months either, so it is definitly not a case of overtraining

I am really glad to hear that its just not me. Thanks so much for the great posts!

I went to the doctor because a friend of mine had the same issues. He had the sleep tests done and they found that he had mild narcolepsy and another condition. They gave him some medicine to take [not sure what] and he says his life is 100% better now.

That is what I am hoping for...

This really hits home for me.
I feel extremely tired constantly and many times exhausted.
I'm pretty sure i have some kind of sleep problem, plus i usually get about 4-6 hours a night. My g/f and my ex both say i snore at times, and i have noticed that if i fall asleep in my recliner, i wake up gasping for air.
Another of my problems is that once i wake up, i rarely can go back to sleep.

okay, now THAT sounds like obstructed sleep. the reason you can't get back to sleep is because you're waking up in an adreanalized state because your body thinks something's trying to smother it.

I'm in the same boat. I always feel run down and tired/drained. My gf says I have sleep apnea, since I constantly gasp for air when I'm sleeping.

With all the training I do, my body just can't recover with the poor sleep I get.