Question about fear


I practiced Taekwondo. I wasnt a bad martial artist but I was never in the first places in a tournament. Anyways, in class I wasnt an easy sparring partner, except for a guy (who kicked very hard and he used to win all the tournaments). When I had to spar with him I was afraid. He used to kick very hard and was quite fast. Anyways, I think if I spar without fear of getting hit, I could be a very hard opponent for him.
The problem is I dont think getting used to his kicks is a solution. It costed me a dentist visit once.

How can I do to deal with that? The problem is if I kick him hard he use to get mad and kick even harder, huh, It hurts!

The problem is that you are assuming you must fight his fight.

WHat do you bring to the fight that can put him off his game?

If kicking is his domain, fixating on your kicking will never reveal your domain.

Also, do not let this one opponent 'define' you as a martial artist...there's more to training, life, surival, than being able to 'out point' one person in a sport that is 'defined' by kicking skill.

FOod for thought.



thank you for your answering. I´m still thinking about it.

By the way, do you think everyone should have any domain? I mean everyone should concentate on developing more skills in a certain aspect of the fight (like kicking, punching or groundfighting)?

I dont really know what is my domain. I think I´m average in all the aspects. Not too good, not too bad.

How can I do to realize what is my domain?

Hmmmm. GOod question. If you could orchestrate the rest of your imagined fights right now, where would you want them to take place [range/tactics, etc]?

That's likely your domain. Whether it is tactically probable or intelligent is not the point, that is for you to self-evalute and then expand and explore other ranges and tools and continually expand your skills.


Thank you Tony,

I will think about it to improve my skills.