Question about Fishhooking??

Is it even possible to bite a persons fingers when they fishhook you. I recently had an altercation at the club I work at in which I ended up fishhooking a 6'4 285lb guy and it made the guy stop fighting ( see Og "16 stitches" for full story). He tried to bite my fingers but he couldn't.

Is Fishooking really that effective and is it really that painful? But that night, I had never fishhooked anyone or even attampted it. I always asume someone could just bite your fingers off?

illegal move......... not allowed........... NO NO. :-)

no, they can't bite your fingers because you're pulling back, tight against wals of mouth

esp if you fishhook someones nose!

See Oleg vs Tank

fishhook = deadly

If you fish hook proplerly then your fingers are well into the persons cheek well away from the teeth.

If its a street fight the guys face should be split before he even knows what your doing.

BRUTAL BRUTAL technique, save it for someone who deserves it.

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I fought a guy at a party in a backyard one time... he fish hooked me when I had his back.... so I heeled him in the nuts, bit down and sunk the choke.... his fingers looked the worst. So you can bite someone.

when you set the hook , make sure your drag is tight enough to penetrate the hooks but the fish still has some drag to not alow the line to get slack

Crazyhook has caught the correct

Eye gouging and fish hooking both warrant biting in response if done in an mma fight in my opinion.