question about Giant Silva....

I see a lot of people supporting him in the forum?


I did not get to see the matches (i will see them in DVD in probably 3 months when we will get them in France) and i would like to know why people liked him.

and also people are saying that he was funny and looked like a nice guy / why? / what did he do?

actually i like him too because he seems to try to do nice thing and to improve and i can only admire that for someone that shall have so many physical difficulties and that everyone consider a freak (it can ve very difficult to live)

Jujubre, why dont u download the events from the net instead of waiting 3 months?

He has definitely improved since the last fight and is a lot of fun to watch. GO GIANT!!

I think PRIDE actually releases their DVDs in a timely manner in France (along with a magazine?). And yeah, if you're a loyal customer that will get the DVD regardless, I see no problem with you downloading the show. In fact, it's already being posted in newsgroups as we speak.

He's a nice guy, very humble, trying hard to improve, and has greater athleticism that what his detractors give him credit for.

He chased Heath around the ring for 15+ minutes, getting hit with strong leg kicks, and never gassed or looked to lose his steam.

The guy is a one man freak show, his size makes him a problem for even the most skilled MMA fighter. He is also a true giant like Andre the giant was. He's not just a big guy like Semmy Schilt for example.

Maybe there's something instinctual about the appeal of watching mere mortals battle with giants in an arena.

Personally I like throwing a couple of genetic freaks into the mix just to see how effective martial arts training is against them.

Saku with the sly PB reference :P

"I think PRIDE actually releases their DVDs in a timely manner in France (along with a

Correct. it is the same company that provide the UFC DVD. the website is

I already bought the Pride DVD with Royce Gracie VS Yoshida 2, one months ago and the commentary are done In french.

The pride and UFC are distributed in all the library and the newspaper seller in France.

i think, for most people, they started supporting him after he climbed a rope w/ two people on his back and also after the devastating choke out he suffered at the hands of dread pirate robertsDon't sell him short. He had three people on his back.