Question About Ground Cam

It seems like the UFC loves using the 'ground cam' lately but my question is.. why does it look like the footage is different than the other cameras? Is it the fps? I cant tell if I love it or hate it...

I love it! You can actually see them working for wrist control and being active seeing the small things most fans don't know to look for. Phone Post

I like it. Has that dramatic feel to it. Something about it. Makes up for the bottom screen ticker. Phone Post

Is it just my tv or does it almost feel like you're watchin a movie when they go to the ground cam?

newjack900 - Is it just my tv or does it almost feel like you're watchin a movie when they go to the ground cam?

Yeah that's true.. maybe they have to use different settings to avoid the cage registering in the shot.. I really don't know.


But I liked it a lot.

The camera has a different frame rate. A "movie mode" so to speak.

They're using a system called "Film-Look" or some equivalent, that provides that 24 fps film look.

It's a strange effect, because it it doesn't make you feel like you're watching a live fight, it feels more like a commercial.

It looks like clips from a highlight video. It takes time to get comfortable with it. I almost felt like they were cutting to a replay in the middle of the fight when I first saw it.

It has to do with the field of vision too. When the shot is shown you can tell that the fighters are in-focus and everything behind them is very out of focus similar to a DSLR vs a point-and-shoot camera.

I like it. As long as its not done the whole time. Phone Post 3.0

Are they stationed around the octagon? they do seem to catch some amazing shots

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Wait til they employ fade to blacks, shaky cameras, and fighter POVs.

I really do like the angle but the camera needs to be the same camera/look as all the others. Because it's so different it jumps out like it's a mistake, just as it would if one of the traditional cageside cameras looked that different. I believe it's the same camera/look that's been used for commercials and other promo footage and it's beautifully used for those purposes (taking slow mo shots, etc). But there are many fundamental reasons why every camera for sports looks the same way. Again love the angle though