Question about GTA stocks

I understand in game actions influence the stocks.

Has anyone had any luck lowering the stock prices of taco bomb or burger shot? I read somewhere you can do this but I've been shooting shit outside burger shot and killing anyone who stands in front of it and haven't seen a huge difference Phone Post

No answers? Phone Post

TheRealGaff - You gots to but 39 burgers no more no less . Jump 5 times into counter , spin 369 degrees jump and start shooting .

Drops burger shots prices Phone Post 3.0

Tried it and got run over by a train Phone Post

In for answers. I heard if you listen to talk radio they give you tips. Phone Post

I'm listening only to radio Los Santos to see if their stock goes up Phone Post

In. Phone Post 3.0

KrzyBnzJnz -

Buying 100 Burgers will raise the stocks.  Each time you buy 100 you increase your risk of having undercover agents tail you for white collar crimes.

This is ridiculous if true.

I'm going to give up my mission of finding that safe in that random stores back room. I'm going to try this. Phone Post 3.0