Question about Guild Wars:Factions

I've never played Guild Wars, yet I don't wanna fall behind and start playing the first one since Factions just came out recently..

QUESTION: Do I need to have Guild Wars installed on my comp if I wanna play factions?

QUESTION 2: If not, Do you recommend that I play the first Guild Wars before playing Factions? I mean will it be easy to pick up never having play the first GW?

HELPFUL HINT: I played WOW for a while and just got bored of it.

From what i have heard no you do not need to have the first chapter installed. And you should be fine playing it and not haveing playing the first one. IF you played WOW and got bored then youll get bored fast with factions.

You should probably just start off with Factions. If you really like it and thouroughly explore everything after a few months, then go buy the original Guild Wars. The new game is amazing and even better than the first Guild Wars game.

Here is a good review of Factions

ok Jman....u got me interested.....can u explain the different types of play there PvP and PvE seperate?

Yes seperate locations. Supposedly later in the game though there are parts where PvP is combined in the PvE storyline. I'm not sure if that is true or not though.

I've only played PvP maybe 1% of the time I've played the game...just not my thing. Some people only play that way.

It is such a great game, much like GTA you can play it however you want for however long you want to play. Short quests, longer missions, just running around killing stuff and farming, PvP battles, upgrades on all of your equipment, armor and weapons, tons of skills to set up and use, pets (if you are a Ranger), you can use computer guys (henchmen) to form a group and go out exploring...unriviled graphics, man I could go on and on and on. I wasn't expecting much, but the game and the free online play has completely blown me away.

It is a different map area that you can explore. Kind of like you bought a game where you can play in Europe. The original Guild Wars would be the USA.

So if you bought both games you could play in both the USA and Europe maps. If not, you can only play on your continent.

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If the game is mostly PVE, why do you have to be on the internet to play the game?

Im confused because the game has not been cracked or anything, so I figure it has to be like WOW, where u are constantly hooked up to a network or something.

Am I right?

Yeah you have to be connected to the internet. The game runs on the Guild Wars servers so the PvE stuff multiplayer is mostly for getting groups together to explore the more difficult and rewarding areas.

There is a lot of PvP, it's just not my thing. Adonis just bought the game and I think he is only playing PvP.

Can't beat the price in the MMORPG world.