Question about lifting + training

Wrestling practice is about 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. We do gymnastics, sprints, a shitload of pushups, crunches, lifting drills, explosive bodyweight stuff, etc.

Now, how should I supplement this with weight training? Sleep is not an issue. I have 12 hours every day - and sometimes more - that I can play around with at my will.

Additionally, my goal is to drop from 210 to 184 by the end of May for a wrestling tournament.

Does anybody have a good routine for me? Should I do extra cardio?

Diet is going to be a huge thing if you want to lose the weight. What are you eating like now? I'd lift weights, do maybe 2-3 days a week of compound exercises if you can handle it.

Do something like:

3-5 sets (depends on how much energy you have left after wrestling 20 hours a week) of 5 for - squats, bench, power cleans, dips, pullups

You'd have to lose about 14 pounds by that day, then you could cut the other 10 off. Ideally, your losing more than 14, it's going to make you need to cut less water.

I'm eating pretty average. I have no idea what to do regarding diet.

I made a cool meatloaf today with only 90/10 hamburger and oatmeal.

Gusto, it was excellent. Don't knock my concoctions.

Meatloaf w/ oatmeal is great. What do you eat? When? How many meals a day? It's going to be really hard to lose weight if you don't start thinking about your diet, not to mention by the end of May.

Basic good diet for losing weight: Eat reasonable amounts of lean proteins (chicken, beef, whey protein, tuna, etc) and lots of fruits and vegetables. Try to stay away from starches (breads, pasta, rice).

Doing that much work I don't know how you couldn't drop weight (fat) if you get your eating habits in line.

also have to ask yourself "Do I really need weight training?" Do you feel weak or that gaining some strength may help or is it just something that you think you should be doing?

It is just something I feel I should be doing. I am strong even for a 215, and I would like that ratio to translate down to when I am at 184.

I think everyone should lift weights. The benefits are too great to ignore.

Well, the circumstances here are extremely sketchy.

Skipping meals is the worst advice you can get for losing fat.

skipping a meal is an easier way to do it, but if you get too hungry like that,just eat twice as many times during the day(not twice as much)something like
7am:bowl of granola for breakfast,--10am:banana for snack,--1pm:med-size chicken salad,--4pm: another banana,--7pm: chicken breast with some type of veggie(i like collard greens myself) also, if you get bored during they day, go jog some laps.nothing to intense,just burn some xtra calories.

Skipping meals slows your metabolism and makes you hungrier (causing you to eat more and pig out later and makes dieting that much harder because you become hungry more often. When you skip your body starts to store fat instead of burn it, and begins to burn calorically expensive muscle tissue, because it percieves a lack of food and must physiologically prepare for a percieved famine. This kind of physiological adaptation doesn't take long to take affect (less than 24 hours).

The way to counter act this is to basically do what MikeFL152 described, which is to eat smaller amounts throughout the day-usually about 6 or every 2-3 hours.

Other things such as carb/protein/fat ratios can vary as the calories are the most important things. I prefer a little more protein to help preserve muscle as much as possible.

When I wrestled in high school I always had trouble cutting weight and I was always tired and worn out, which at the time I didn't know why, but it was primarily due to skipping meals. After I started MMA and BJJ I learned better ways to be healthier and come to fight stronger. I also got great advice from Holly about 6 months ago when I was having trouble.

WOW! Thank you so much, Xen! That's a crazy-detailed help plan! I fully plan on doing it. Some questions/comments:

-Calories: should I count them? Roughly? Is there a certain range I should aim for? I remember watching a show on bodybuilding and when a guy was cutting pre-contest, he ate like 1100 calories a day. Good? Bad?

-Where should Taku's interval training fit in if I am planning on doing a 5-8x2 rep routine four times a day?

-Are pullups overhand or underhand?

-Everyone is always harping on weighted dips - why? What makes them the super-exercise?

-No sex. :'-(

-My capacity for recovery is bordering on Wolverine's. Forum member jonwell will vouch for that.

-What would you suggest, in terms of volume versus weight? I tend to err on the side of weight, since we do a shitload of pushups and situps and general slow-twitch muscle fiber work during practice.

-What kinds of food would you recommend I stock up on? And how closely should I follow my protein need for 210g/day? Is that even an issue?

Thanks man!

Hunter Rose AKA Adam from Conn

It takes a lot of planning, but it works. Nothing worth having ever came easy.

1 lb 90/10 ground beef

1 packet, Polish mushroom soup powder OR 1 packet, Lipton diet French Onion Soup mix (preferably something with a mushroom or onion flavor and low on the bad stuff)

1 cup, oatmeal

2 eggs

1 onion, finely chopped

Put the hamburger in a bowl and make an indentation. crack both eggs and put them in the indentation, then mix with hands for 1 minute. Then add onion choppings, powder, and oatmeal. Mix for another minute. Bake for an hour.

Well, nobody really has prescribed lifting times right now; it's a club team, and a damned good, hard-to-get-on one, but we just built a new facility, and the interior is still under construction. So right now, there aren't any weights or anything in there.

What's the Warrior diet? It sounds warlike.

Sounds like a good way to get fat.

And be hungry all the time.