Question about Mark Hominik..

heres an interview i was reading:

I have a couple quick questions

-How old is Mark, i was first impressed with him when he fought some guy on ucc but i forgot his age?

-When did he start training?

-How in the world does he manage going to university and still train 6 hours a day.

Im just very curious and impressed. Well done brother.


Mark is now 21years old. He started training in martial arts about 7 years ago and has been with Team Tompkins for 5 years now. He has a had very successful careers in Pankration, Muay Thai Kickboxing and MMA. Mark's continued success is due to his dedication to training, and great work ethic. He divides his training sessions into two and begins the first one at 5am. Other than training Mark is dedicated to school and lets no other activites get in his way when fights are booked.

Thanks for your curiousity in his career and if you are attending TKO next weekend please look us up Mark would be more tan happy to hang with you and answer all your questions.


Shawn Tompkins

ttt for Mark and Team Tompkins

I'm going to look you guys up.

I want to hang out with you.


I don't have any questions though... ;)


No questions JHR????

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It's on like Donkey Kong...


Are we still on for Friday night grabbing a bite to eat ?


Friday night....

Its on..

What time you planning on getting in??

3pm... In time to make the weigh ins...

ttt for Hominick the most exciting SLW in Canada!

We'll head out after weigh ins..

Sounds good.


I've been out of it on this. What is going on with the TKO event?

Mark Hominick is cut from a rare cloth. He is a breed of fighter that is very, very rare and has the intelligence, heart, desire and dedication to take it to the next level.

I can count on one hand the amount of fighters in Canada that have these gifts and intelligence to continually evolve.

I got the chance to speak with him briefly at the last Team Tompkins card and he seemed well spoken and a nice guy.

Unlike JHR who tried to eat all my chicken wings

Dougie, you watch your mouth! The JHR is a God among men!

As for Hominick, I only got to talk to him for like a minute outside the weigh-in at TKO 13, but man was his enthusiasm ever contageous. The guy was so fired up, yet down-to-earth and nice. From a fan's perspective, he's a lot of fun to watch and from an athletic standpoint he's a freak! It's impossible not to have a tonne of respect for Mark.

Dougie, that was my cheat day biotch!

Jon Kellett as always, has got my back! ;)

Kellett, are you making the trip to Montreal to party with barely legal virile young women this coming weekend ?



mmmmmmm, barely legal young women

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