Question about Marvel character

hey guys. i haven't read comics for years but when I was younger I really liked Deathlok. Anyways there was one Deathlok comic where there was a 'villain' who was pretty much a super hero hitman. He was some rich guy who built a robotic suit and he would take contracts on super heroes. His first target was Deathlok and in the end he couldn't go through with the kill as when he had Deathlok down he realized he was trying to go see his daughter.

Anyways he vowed to never make the mistake again.

Now his name was something technical like Tracer or Target or something. I checked the Marvel wiki but couldn't find anything. I remember at the time I really like the idea of the character and now 20 years later curious if anything came of him or if his story was scrapped.

Thanks for any info!

found it. it was 'The Tracer'. Richard Bloom was the guy.

Glad we could help!

it was appreciated. i knew if any forum could figure it out it would be the intrepid geekground. And I was not disappointed!