Question about MMA Agents/Managers

I believe Tank handles I wrote that I giggled....

Pavy makes dreams come true!!!


i contacted the Pav once. I must suck, b/c it took him a month to re-contact me, then never answered my reply. HAHA.

I got this email from someone i don't really know... if someone wants to check it out:

Just updated my website with a new article on a Management company called MMA Reps. If you are a fighter with no manager and are looking for one check out this article:

MMA Reps: "A Fighter First Agency"

Please pass this article along to anyone wishing to have somone behind the scenes taking care of things so they can focus on training and fighting BUT still maintain a hold of their own career.

Thanks again for your support I appreciate it!!!

Christina Sears

MMA Reporter

My Site:



MMA REPS: " A Fighter First Agency"
BY: Christina Sears

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has exploded in the last few years with more and more people jumping onto the bandwagon, trying to create their own legit brand.

Fighters now have so many more gyms to train at, clothing companies who are looking for hot talent, and organizations to fight in.

One would think that all these new doors that are open, would be a good thing but most of these companies are just looking for someone to make them a quick buck regardless of the amount of talent they have.

As a new fighter I'm sure it would be great to have someone take care of all that for you, find you your sponsors, and make sure you get the best fights for you. Someone who can negotiate your purse, take care of travel information and the list I'm sure... will... and can go on.

A fighter should only have to worry about beating his next opponent and training in a sport he/she is proud to be a part of, a sport he/she has great passion for. But unfortunately not everyone in the industry is legit and you will come across some who will just screw you.

MMA Reps is a fairly new management company based out of Nova Scotia, with its soul purpose to help fighters just focus on the fight and not worry about everything else.

Nadav Evenhar and his team currently manage ten fighters with almost twenty more awaiting contracts to sign with MMA Reps.

Josh Ottley (on right)
"I chose to manage fighters is because I feel that I have a lot of knowledge in this sport, I like helping and this is helping fighters" Evenhar said.

Evenhar says that if a fighter is managed by MMA Reps they don't have to sign a one year contract, and they don't have to give them 20% of their purse.

MMA reps make only ten per cent of the fighter's purse and they don't collect any money before the fight unless the fighter agrees to go on their month to month option. MMA Reps month to month option is a monthly payment instead of taking ten per cent of the fighters purse a monthly cost that averages out to 150 dollars.

Joshua Ottley is an amateur fighter from Leamington Ontario Canada and is managed by the MMA Reps team. "They approached me online about recruiting for a one fight deal, and I was intrigued and impressed by their amount of dedication to that alone" says Ottley.

Ottley explains that MMA Reps does most of the dirty work, working on sponsorship offers, exposure opportunities etc, which allows him to fee up time to train rather then being frustrated trying to find fights and contacts for himself.

"I have concentrated a lot on managing myself. I have my focus no matter what, even with a lot on my plate. I can concentrate a lot more now, with them on my back" Ottley says.

Jeff Black
Jeff Black fights out of Sydney Nova Scotia and also managed by MMA Reps and says that before they talked any business they talked on the phone and developed a good base to explain what they both wanted from the management deal.

"Even after he found out what I as looking for and started working for me he still called to make sure I was comfortable with each small detail" says Black.

MMA Reps expects the fighters they manage to do everything in their power to move forward in the sport and keep a professional attitude not only in the cage but also in training and where ever else the MMA scene brings them.

"MMA reps are a great agency and are working hard for me. I encourage any fighter who is serious about MMA to contact them and see some of the opportunities they can find for you. This is a fighter first agency, not just looking to make a buck" says Black.

You can contact Nadav Evenhar with MMA Reps at:

Mobile Phone: 1-902-968-9351


Always putting the fighters first...

 Cant go wrong with American Top Team. Easily the best management and training available in in MMA.

Hartnett420 -  Cant go wrong with American Top Team. Easily the best management and training available in in MMA.

ONE of the best management and training available in in MMA.


I just wanted to add that the reason that NCFC is the best as managers is that everyone on the management team trains and fights. When someone is deciding my future I want to know that they have been there done that. They know what it feels like and what I am going through when I fight. Plus they can hold pads for you backstage at the fight :)

They can hold pads and they are great guys but I am a law school grad (UCLA and Miami), Nate graduated top of his class in college and law school,  Matt our sponsor guy has an MBA, and Julian graduated top of his class at Long Beach State.  We have four interns.  Sean is a top law student at Hofstra.  The other three are all almost through with college.  We hire those with a certain kind of experience and then train them. 

Swamp Rocker, understand our first priority is to our current roster.  We try to answer all emails but sometimes that can be a full time job in and of itself.  What is your name?

I just wanted to post immediately behind the PAV that way I can stare over him and read the rest of the thread.

The Pav works his ass off for his clients, FACT!

I have been having a TON of good International fighters stop by the training facility in Thailand.

Many of them are without a manager.

*That is a list of all the fighters who have stopped by the gym in the last year and a half.

I'd like to find a good managment team that I can refer fighters to.

Many of these guys have good Sherdog Records, and quality Highlight tapes already.

If any of the managment teams have a website with a banner...I'd love to work a link exchange.

Email me:


Ray you are a respected guy in the business.  The problem with Thai fighters though is economics.  After you factor in flights, visas, corners, meds, etc., they become cost prohibitive to most promotions.  The double edge sword is the highest level organizations that can afford them will think they dont have enough experience. 

KenP -

Swamp Rocker, understand our first priority is to our current roster.  We try to answer all emails but sometimes that can be a full time job in and of itself.  What is your name?

I understand. that's why i laughed about it.
My name is James Douglas. I doubt you still have
my info but it's all good. I know from people on here you
do a great job, and are good for the sport/fighters.

Ken...I have several Thai guys...

But I'm mostly talking about foreign fighters who travel to thailand looking to improve their striking. Many of these fighters return home to Sweden, Australia, London, Russia, Brazil...and continue training/fighting without a manager.

Some guys that I've had through the camp...who need managers with big show potential include;

Bas Huveneers- MW, Belgium 6-2 record Marcus Soares Purple belt.

Jakob Lovstab- LHW, Norway 10-4 record,former Finnfight champion, BJJ Purple belt.

Ritchie Whitson-LW, 4-0, USA record,just Ko'd Braddah Cooper in Hawaii.

Reza Madad- LW 5-2, Sweden, ADCC Finnish Open champion.

Steve McCombe- Bantamweight, Ireland, 7-4 record, best bantamweight in Ireland.

These are just a few of the International fighters I've seen come through WITHOUT managers. With the UFC in the UK and looking at Ireland, Phillippines, Australia...they could be prospects to fill those cards.

Shoot me an email if you have time.

It looks like the NCFC lawyer went to Bolt, London School of Economics and worked at Latham & Watkins? Dizzammn!

ttt for Pavy and the crew at MMA-AGENTS!!!

Nate was a lifesaver for me in DC!!!!

RockForLight - yeah Dean is an awesome guy. Very passionate about his job and he loves working for the athletes. Also trains BJJ, but he still can't tap me! :)~

Three of the best managers I've encountered.

Tom Hafers - USMMA -

Paul Capuzziello -

Joe Cavallaro -

All three manage some of the top UFC and up and coming WEC names today.