question about my lsat/grades


Anyone with any experience in this area, maybe throw me an answer or two:

My problem is this, my undergraduate grades in 2.35 or something in that ugly neighborhood.

I took my lsats a little over a year ago, i didnt study...just walked in and took'em cold and slightly hung over (not ideal circumstances). I got a 162 which is pretty decent.

I am thinking of studying and retaking the lsat. I'm thinking maybe with some effort, i can boost that to a 164-165.

Do you think my grades are going to limit me to only the lowest tier of law schools? Will decent lsats be enough to get me into a middle of the road school?

Look at the websites of the law schools you want to go to. Most of them have data on how many people of X GPA and X LSAT got admitted. It's in table format, so you can just find your GPA and LSAT score and it'll show how many people they let in with that combination.

This is pretty good but obviously not conclusive. Just statistical. It helps if you are a minority (not being a dick it is just the way it is):

There was a ...dramatic...disparity between my undergrad grades and my LSAT as well. You may want to think about doing what I did:

Go to a local school for a year, do really well, and then transfer to a "name" school.

My friend is taking this approach.

He is working in a law office for 2 years and earning a masters degree at a local university, and really boosting his GPA.

He is going to put this on his resume and apply to a good law school with that.

Depends on how old/dedicated you are to going to law school, but IMO there are a lot of benefits to doing it this way.

well, in all honesty...i really want to stay in the pittsburgh area.

there are two law schools here, university of pittsburgh and duquesne law, i dont really want to move, and i'd like to get accepted into one of them

what are your odds of getting into those two schools?

i dont know...the thing is, my grades are lower then what they normally accept, but my lsats are a decent amount higher.

did you look at any of the people's posts? plug your GPA and LSAT into some of the links and it will tell you...
according to Fake Pie's you have a really good shot of getting into Duquesne

thank you for your help...

it seems like pitt and duquesne are not a bad bet for me, but, i think my shot at harvard is only able to be expressed in scientific notation.

Low GPA + High LSAT typically means underachiever. Meaning you have intelligence and the potential to do well but don't really apply yourself. I think in that case the rest of your application becomes very important, in that you need to explain why you'll do well at law school, or they may not want to waste a spot on you. I had a similar problem, I always did very well on standardized tests but had low grades. I always knew I could get better grades but I blew off class and never studied.


My GPA according to LSDAS is 1.96. Needless to say, I didn't get into a lot of schools. I'm currently on Pepperdine's wait list, if I get in it will be the best school to accept me. I plan on doing what Steve said and kill it first year then transfer to UCLA.

Like others said, you have to shoot for a higher LSAT score than mid 160's if you want to be safe.