Question about neck muscles

I notice that many wreslers or even football players, have that athletic neck where their is trap muscle connection to neck. Its hard to explain. Think of Matt hughes. How do they get those back neck muscles. What excersices stregthen them.


pardon if my qustion seems stupid.

I would like to know as well as well, my wife has neck pain and were hoping that building some muscle in her neck helps with the pain.

lots of neck bridges and just everyday use... i played football and wrestled for most of my life and everybody gives me shit about having no neck... i did nothing special to build it up... just did my normal workouts...

for your wife... you could get one of those neck training devices that i see people at the gym using... or she could work shrugs... but it would be freaky to see a chick with huge traps... although a lot of gymnasts have them

D1 football players and wrestlers are simply more muscular than regular people. They were born with a predisposition towards being extremely muscular and generally worked hard to get even bigger, faster and stronger.

That said, do 4 way neck exercises with a partner offering manual resistance or purchase a neck harness and use very light weights. Hurting your neck is bad.

metrocksncn - Muscle size is definitely not a factor in neck pain. I would suggest working on the posture (erector set) and upper back muscles (rhomboids/traps).

For years I had neck pain, despite a 20 inch neck, and worked the 4 way, etc. I recently learned I have extremely loose muscles, and needed tension in those muscles to develop better posture and support my neck and moon sized head.

Started lifting heavy 1-2 days a week (roman deadlift, deep squats, high pull), quest barbell interval 2 days a week, and did shrugs/one arm cable pull/close grip pull down every day (bands and machines).

Posture and neck problem solved with 30 min a day within a month...Bonus if you like the squatters butt that she develops.

Although training the neck is an excellent idea. The "look" part is controlled mostly by genetics.

Some guys train the neck and get that thick, connected look. Some don't either way it is a good idea IMHO to train your neck.


So TAKU u know what im talking about then? yea its good to train the neck. Im going for the connected line in the back of neck trap look.

i know its sounds so stupid but o well.

"...then still keeping your head off the floor rotate your head left and right like you are shaking your head no."

Ive heard when training the neck, that the motion of "no" is bad. And that chin to chest and ears to shoulders is a better movement?


I've heard that one too, specifically from Lee Aldridge, whose opinion i highly respect. Any explanation about whether this is right or not would be a bonus though.

it's not super scientific, but this is what I do.

  1. get a old towel and weight plates.

  2. tie the weight plates to the ends of the towel... now the towel has weight plates at both ends.

  3. lie down on a bed, bench, etc. that is off the floor by a good amount.

  4. lay on your back and place the middle of the towel over your forehead. Lift the weights slowly towards your chest in a controlled manner.

do the same lying on your stomach, and for both sides with the appropriate head position.

"Lay on your back and lift your head off the floor and bring your chin to your chest and then lower it again, not touching it to the floor. Start with 20-30 reps, whatever is comfortable. Then still keeping your head off the floor rotate your head left and right like you are shaking your head no. Dont let your head touch the ground. Do that 20-30 times as well. 3 sets of those 2 exercises 2Xweek should help with out making your wifes neck too huge."

Surely by working you neck in this manner you are doing 20-30 reps in a back to forward motion, working the front of the neck. Then moving your head sided to side while on your back is still working it latrelly (sp).

Wouldn;t it be better to do 20-30 reos, forward and back, then roll on to your left, do 20- 30 reps lifting your head from horizontal to your right shoulder, then roll on to your right and do 20 -30 reps bringing you head from horizontal to your left shoulder, then roll on to your stomach and do 20 - 30 reps in a back - forward motin?


My Neck Workout is very simple and effective.

I do:

  1. Shrugs

  2. Flexion

  3. Extension

  4. Lateral Flexion Left and Right

I do 60 sec of TUT on each. When I can exceed the 60 sec range, I increase the weight 3-5%.

I use a neck harness for the 4-way movements and a machine for the shrugs.

The harness I use is the one made by Iron Mind.


mugsee, it's a tough excercise. I get really bad pain in my jaw when I do it. But yes, I just tough through it.

they all got it from doing bridges and getting their necks pulled and pushed while resisting during matches over and over for years