Question about Parrumpinha??

Did "Parrumpinha" compete in the North American Abu Dhabi trials??

No He Didn't

wonder why??

He probably has an invite for adcc. My guess is that ATT gets at least one invite per weight class.

Would he be in the same weight class as Royler and Bravo?

Yes same division. don't forget Vieira and Fabiano

Parrumpinha has an invite since he has beaten everyone but Jens Pulver and that was controvercial.

He beat the guy that won the Japan Trails by 32 to 0.

Yeah, he's pretty slick on the mat!!!

BTW, does Parrumpinha still have his ATT West Palm Beach school?

Who won the Japan trials?

i hope daniel moraes gets an invite as well then.

How many people in each weight class for the tournament? 8? 16? Might be time to double it again...