question about pat smith

i was at ubersite yesterday and someone there mentioned that they used to train with pat smith. said that pat now has aids and cannot compete in MMA anymore. i told the person i follow MMA very closely, yet hadnt heard anything about this.

please tell me this isnt true. i have a feeling its bullshit.

thread in question.....

He was trying out for pride... he recently boxed pro... I have a feeling this is incorrect information.

Although he was set to fight in a ufc but could not pass their physical but I have no clue as to why.

I always heard he had Hepatits. Although it is not AIDS if true this is as big of screw up by anyone that would consider letting him fight.

I managed Pat Smith on his "return" to MMA for a few months, and was responsible for securing the UFC offer.

Pat went through every mediacl test possible. HIV, Hep profile, drug screening, CT scan, MRI, neuro exam, complete physical etc.

He passed every test. He was not cleared by the NSAC to fight because they had to have a formal hearing, which couldn't happen before the UFC fight. I quit managing Pat shortly after. Some time later he was finally cleared by NSAC.

But to answer the question, No Pat does not have HIV or Hepetitus.

yeah, thanks for the clear up

now its time to own the thread at uber

When he has his mental game together he is one of the most deadly strikers in the World IMHO.

It isn't easy to beat K-1 champ Andy Hug, and Pat knocked him out.

Pat looked in amazing shape against A Dawg. He hasn't fought MMA since. He was also scheduled to fight in KOTC and that also fell through. With his name I'm surprised that no promoter like TKO, WEC, Euphoria FC, etc has not brought him in to fight.

I know I would love to see him back in MMA. I know he has done some pro boxing and kickboxing lately. He and his new manager were posting here awhile back.

yeah, i figured it was bullshit. thats why i created this thread so someone could clear this up.

im waiting for the liar to show back up on the ubersite thread and see what his response is to me calling him on his lie