Question about Pride in the UK

Which network broadcasts the Pride fights over in the UK?

Thanks in advance.




Men & Motors have aired one or two shows, but not live.. Just recent events. Maybe they are working on a deal, I do not know.

Thanks, who shows the UFC?

bravo shows the UFC

Men & Motors also shows KOTC I think.

Men and motors show pride (really messed up the schedule flippin idiots) and IFC and King of the Cage not live just replays of old events in one hour slots.

As for UFC Bravo shows live events(sort of they are shown at 10 o'clock the next night) and they showed the first season of TUF not sure if season 2 will be shown. Weekends UFC unleashed is being shown 2 episodes on both Saturday and Sunday.

Eurosport show K1 and K1 mma if you can stand POUND AND GROUND Will Vanders commentary.They also show old Shooto and Pancrase and finally Sky sports show Cage Rage in a condensed 1 hour show.